5 Best Dating Sites in Tampa

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 28, 2023
Couple dating in Tampa

The warm weather and ocean view can make living in Tampa feel like a dream. But what about when it comes to dating?

You don't have to search for months for your perfect match. However, you should know about the best dating sites in Tampa, and I can say from experience that they all offer several benefits to new and veteran dating app users.

These sites serve different needs, from serious relationships to certain age groups. That way, you can minimize the chances of poor matches.

Top 5 Dating Apps in Tampa

Here are a few excellent websites to try when looking to date.

1. eHarmony - Best Overall


The best overall dating website for singles in Tampa is eHarmony. You can sign up and connect with thousands of other people looking for a relationship on the site. Whether you want to pursue a long-term relationship or head straight to marriage, eHarmony is excellent.

You can meet someone within a few months of creating your account. If you aren't satisfied with the matches within three months, eHarmony offers a match guarantee.

Because of that, they'll give you another three months to use the site for free. You'll have more time to edit your profile to help eHarmony find better matches.

The site is a great place to find other Christians, seniors, and other types of people. With more members than other dating sites, you don't have to compromise on your dating preferences.

2. Elite Singles - Runner Up, Best Overall


Elite Singles is another one of the best dating apps in Tampa. Most of the users on the site are 30 years old or older, but there are some younger adults. Women and men use the site in almost equal numbers, so you can find the perfect match.

If you don't meet someone immediately, keep using the site. Thousands of people join the platform each month, giving you more chances to meet the right person.

According to Elite Singles, there is a high success rate for users on the platform. So if you're tired of dating around with no results, you may have a different experience on Elite Singles.

3. Christian Cafe - Best for Faith-Based Dating

Christian Cafe signup page

Singles who want to date someone with the same religious beliefs may want to try ChristianCafe.com. It's a dating site specific to the religion, so you don't have to worry about weeding out people who have different beliefs.

While you can find Christians on some of the other dating apps in Tampa, there's no guarantee you'll meet a Christian with your first few matches.

Christians of all ages can use ChristianCafe.com to meet someone with the same faith. Then, you can prioritize other preferences to find a stable, long-term partner.

4. Silver Singles - Best for Senior Dating

Silversingles Online Dating Signup Page

Sometimes, you may prefer to date someone who is the same age as you. If you're older and have this desire, SilverSingles may be the dating app for you. With members over the age of 50, you don't have to worry about filtering for age.

Instead, the platform will connect you with people at the same stage of life. You can set other preferences, so you can meet people who are religious or who share other characteristics.

Like other dating sites, SilverSingles can match you to multiple people. Then, you can chat and find someone who you want to date.

5. Catholic Match - Best for Catholic Dating

Catholic Match

Similar to ChristianCafe.com, Catholic Match is one of the dating apps for religious singles. You can meet other Catholics, so you don't have to spend time filtering your matches based on faith.

Using the platform is easy, and you can create a profile to help attract your perfect match. And you can find people that have other things in common with you aside from religion.

Then, you'll be able to meet someone with a similar lifestyle and goals. If you don't want to do a ton of work to help a dating app find matches, Catholic Match may be your perfect dating app.


Do you still have questions about the dating sites in Tampa? You aren't alone, and that's okay.

To make sure you have an enjoyable dating experience, you should consider the following questions and their answers.

Which dating site has the highest success rate?

eHarmony offers one of the highest success rates out of all dating sites. With its massive member base, you shouldn't have to search far and wide for a relationship.

Plus, eHarmony will give you three free months if you don't meet anyone immediately. You won't have to keep spending money without any guarantee of finding someone to date.

What is the best hookup site in Tampa?

While not on my list of the best dating sites in Tampa, Adult Friend Finder is worth considering if you want a hookup. If you aren't ready for a serious relationship, hooking up can be great.

You can put yourself out there and meet new people. But don't be afraid to leave the platform if you decide you do want to date long-term.

What is the best dating site for over 50 or seniors in Tampa?

Seniors and other singles over 50 can use eHarmony and SilverSingles. These are two of the best dating sites for older people but for different reasons.

eHarmony has such a large number of members that you can find someone in your age group. Meanwhile, SilverSingles only has people 50 years and older, so you don't have to filter for age-related factors.

Which dating site is best for serious relationships?

The best dating site to use to find a serious relationship is eHarmony. Serious relationships are common, and eHarmony's success rate can help you find your perfect match.

Then, you can date someone and either continue dating or choose to get married. You don't have to worry about meeting someone who only wants a quick hookup.

Key Takeaways for Singles in Tampa

Downtown Tampa at Night

Whether you've been single for a few weeks or a few decades, you may want to join the dating scene. To do that, you should know about some of the best dating websites in Tampa.

That way, you'll be able to find someone with the same goals for a relationship.

Singles in Tampa have access to plenty of dating sites, but some are better than others. When looking for dating sites, be sure to consider your needs and desires.

Consider if you care more about religion, age, or type of relationship. That way, you'll be able to find a partner with the same goals and life path.

Is Tampa Good for Singles?

Tampa is one of the best places for singles, especially singles who are looking to date. You can meet people on various dating apps, and there are plenty of single people there.

If you don't find anyone in Tampa, you're close to other cities in the area. St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota are each a short drive away.

Dating apps in nearby cities:

Free Dating Sites in Tampa

All of the dating sites that I listed offer free trials. You shouldn't have to pay to decide if a dating site is the best for you, so give each trial period a shot.

If you find you like one platform, you can pay for that and continue to find matches. Otherwise, you can experiment with the different options to meet the right person.

Here are the free trial links for the most popular dating apps in Tampa:



Free Trial Link




Elite Singles


Christian Cafe


Silver Singles


Catholic Match