EliteSingles Review – Is it Worth to Join in 2023?

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2023
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Elite Singles is an online dating service mostly filled with young, college-educated career professionals looking to find ‘the one.’ It is widely used all over the globe, with 5 million members residing in the United States.

Elite Singles determines matches based on an in-depth personality assessment monitoring attributes, ideals, goals, and conscientiousness. Based on those results, you’re matched with like-minded individuals that you have the most compatibility with.

In addition to the personality assessment and matchmaking service, Elite Singles maintains an online dating community with integrity thanks to added security measures and provides its community with dating advice from experts in its online magazine.

Below, I’ll review Elite Singles features, policies, and matchmaking success history in full so you can decide whether its Basic membership is worth the try and if its Premium membership is worth the upgrade.

1. Member Breakdown

Elite Singles has millions of diverse members located all around the globe. Primary site traffic occurs from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Five million members are from the U.S., and 900,000 of those members are active weekly.

A majority of Elite Singles members are college-educated, mature, career professionals. Almost 90% of Elite Singles users are ages 30 and up. The gender proportion is nearly equal between women and men.

2. Sign-Up Process

Elite Singles does have a longer sign-up process compared to other popular dating sites. The benefit of a longer sign-up process is more successful results. Rather than requiring minimal basic information upon registration, Elite Singles has users take the time to fill out an extensive personality test. This deters many people from creating fake accounts as well.

Here’s How The Process Works:

  • To register, first users will provide basic information such as location, age, and sex.
  • You take the personality test, designed by professional psychologists, which assesses 29 personality traits in a survey.
  • You get results, and you can start matching.

It should only take about twenty minutes to complete. If needed, it’s possible to pause and resume the questionnaire at a later time.

The questions are formatted as statements that you rank as applicable, slightly applicable, or non-applicable to yourself. These questions cover attributes like:

  • How well you manage conflict
  • How you describe yourself
  • What entertainment you like
  • Your strengths and fears
  • Dislikes and preferences

Once users have finished filling out the questionnaire, you are redirected to a page with their full personality quiz analysis as well as other profiles that share compatibility based on their answers and ideals in a partner. Your personality information is displayed on your member profile for others to see.

3. Interacting With Matches:

There are many ways to get the conversation going if you’ve received a list of potential matches from your personality quiz. However, interaction depends on the plan you have.

Basic Interactions

However, if you’re subscribed using the free basic membership, your interaction is limited to sending a ‘wink’ to a matched profile. Free members can send a message as well but must upgrade to respond and chat.

Premium Interactions

Premium members can like or comment on matches’ photos and receive and reply to Elite Single messages. Premium user profiles are highlighted and prioritized in matches, giving them a greater success rate.

Have You Met?

Another way to match with singles is through the feature “Have You Met?” which is similar to the swiping interface of other well-known dating apps. The “Have You Met?” feature streamlines potential matches into quick overviews to scroll through. If you’d like to start a chat with these matches, click the ‘wink’ function. If you’re not interested, simply click the ‘X’ icon.

4. Profile Quality:

Compared to other dating apps, Elite Singles features a widely informative profile covering basic information like physical descriptions, age, and geographic location, as well as preferences in a future partner.

Some listed preferences in a partner include:

  • Income
  • Desire to start a family
  • Religion

Aside from being listed on your profile, these answers influence your personality analysis to find potential matches. This listed information gives users the chance to quickly assess whether or not they’ll find a relationship would work. This weeds out profiles that are incompatible right away, and increases your chance of connecting with matches right off the bat.

In addition to listed preferences and physical traits on the About page, every Elite Singles profile features an assessment of “The Big Five” personal study, detailed below.

5. Personality Assessment:

Much like eHarmony, this service is well known for providing detailed member profiles. Elite Singles takes pride in offering an in-depth psychological lens behind its matchmaking services. It uses the “Big Five” dimension analysis breakdown to assess personality traits in their questionnaire.

The “Big Fives” are:

  • Agreeableness
  • Openness
  • Neuroticism
  • Extraversion
  • Conscientiousness

Your “Big Five” analysis is used to assess the compatibility you hold with other member profiles. This style of matchmaking is not new to Elite Singles. However, Elite Singles allows you to see the details of your match’s personality results so you can understand their personality traits more.

Specific answers to the personality questionnaire remain private to members. Only the overview of the results is available for other profiles to view and interpret.

6. Features:

Elite Singles has a Basic membership option. However, after upgrading to a Premium membership, you’ll be pleased to see that the site offers features that speed up the matching process.

While none of these features are that innovative, they do work. You’re more likely to have a successful online dating experience with a premium account.

  • Match Recommendation: Using data collected from the personality analysis, Elite Singles publishes new match recommendations for users every day. Based on your preferences, geographic location, and questionnaire, you’ll find a list of profiles that may lead to a successful relationship. Elite Singles takes out half the work of sifting through profiles to fast-track your way to a compatible pairing.
  • Advanced Search: The Advanced Search feature allows users to filter match recommendations based on certain qualities. Certain filters include age, location, physical attributes, preference on having children, education history, income bracket, drinking use, and more.
  • Have You Met? “Have You Met?” is a site generated list of profiles that users may have missed when browsing their match recommendations. This list feature highlights potentially compatible matches that users may not have originally noticed in a concise, easy to browse overview.
  • Wildcard Matches: This feature is available to users with a Premium membership. Wildcard Matches gives these users an extra twenty matches a day to match you with someone you may not have originally considered dating.
  • Favorites List: When you’re browsing the many profiles on Elite Singles and find a profile that leaves a good first impression, click on the star icon to save it to your favorites list. If you change your mind, just click the star icon again to have the profile removed.
  • Elite Singles Magazine: In addition to online dating, Elite Singles also features an online magazine full of blogs that feature insights into relationship advice and online dating tips from experts.

7. Ease of Use:

Elite Singles as a website has an easily navigated, clean, streamlined interface. Other online dating sites have a clunky, difficult to read layout and design. Its sleek marketing matches the demographic of its intellectual, modern young professionals that use the site.

Whether or not Elite Singles is your first foray into online dating, users should take comfort in knowing they’ll be able to navigate the site regardless of their computer literacy and online networking experience. The menu layout is streamlined and categorized into minimal drop-down bars and subsections to lessen confusion when locating profiles and utilizing other website features.

In addition to the Elite Singles website, users can access their dating profile from an app for mobile devices as well. The mobile device supports all aspects of creating an Elite Singles profile, including the questionnaire and chat features with other profiles. Members can also link their Facebook profiles to upload photos.

The Elite Singles app is free and easily downloaded from Google Play or your iOS app store. Notifications are enabled so you can keep up with your matches as you chat throughout the day.

8. Safety & Security:

Because Elite Singles is a mostly pay-to-use site, the number of catfishes and fake profiles will be lower than free sites. However, always remember to execute caution when talking to any stranger online.

Elite Singles does take precautions to create a safe online dating community. Every change to a written post or new picture upload is subject to approval before it can be published online.

Some online reviews say that it’s difficult to find out how to block or report a profile quickly. Most users said they had to conduct a Google search to find the answer.

Certain mobile privacy features can blur user photos to protect privacy and monitor online communication. The Elite Singles website offers additional safety advice and support for those that need it.

9. Pricing:

Elite Singles offers two membership tiers: Basic and Premium. The Basic membership is a free, no-strings-attached way to try out Elite Singles. It’s a great way to explore Elite Singles with minimal features before committing to a full membership. Basic memberships will remain active until you choose to delete your account or upgrade to Premium level.

Elite Singles Basic Membership features include:

  • Access to personality questionnaire and analysis
  • Personality test results
  • Upload photos to your profile
  • View daily partner suggestions
  • Receive messages from other profiles

Elite Singles Premium Membership features include those listed above plus:

  • Unlimited messaging with other profiles
  • Ability to view all profile photos
  • Mobile App capability
  • Confirmation of read messages
  • More in-depth personality profiles
  • "Have You Met?” List

Premium level memberships are available at a staggering rate, meaning monthly prices are cheaper with longer memberships:

  • Three months: $57.95 per month
  • Six months: $44.95 per month
  • 12 months: $31.95 per month

Even though Elite Singles quotes memberships per month, you must pay the subscription fees as a one-time upfront payment for the entire membership period. This may be a downside from some users, considering there are online dating apps like eHarmony that allow users to pay in monthly installments and cancel anytime. Large installments can be tough on a budget.

Also, memberships automatically renew at the end of your chosen membership period unless you remember to cancel it before it expires. For instance, if you subscribe for a year, you’ll be charged for another year of Elite Singles if you fail to cancel in time.

You can pay Elite Singles memberships with most major credit cards, as well as Pay Pal.

You’ll be glad to know that canceling an Elite Singles membership is very easy and can be done from your online profile.

To cancel a membership, simply go to your My Account menu and follow the prompts to the settings page. If you purchased the app through an iOS or Android device, you can manage your subscription through your device’s iTunes or related app store.

10. Customer Service:

Most of member’s issues are answered by the FAQ section of their website. Customer support is also available via email or phone call.

However, based on other Elite Singles reviews, the biggest downfall is its Customer Service performance. Many users claim that it’s easy to navigate the matchmaking site. However, many profiles are fake, and the reporting function doesn’t seem to be very effective. Many members seem to have issues with automatic payment renewals and are unable to reach support staff to resolve any issues over the phone.

11. Pros And Cons:


  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • Basic memberships are free and don’t expire.
  • Matchmaking services speed up the dating process.
  • A mobile app is available.
  • A free personality quiz comes with a full assessment of results.


  • Memberships renew automatically.
  • Payments in one, upfront charge.
  • You must upgrade your membership to send messages.
  • Customer service is hard to reach by phone.

Elite Singles vs eHarmony:

Both Elite Singles and eHarmony are online dating sites that take a psychological approach to matchmaking. These dating services offer similar, comprehensive personality quizzes, but they use the results in different ways:

  • Elite Singles uses the results of the personality analysis when matchmaking. Some Elite Singles users are critical of the too-similar demographic of career professionals.
  • eHarmony features the extensive questionnaire to spark conversations and provide deeper insight into someone’s profile. This way, eHarmony allows members to make their own judgments on compatibility. This also broadens the dating pool for members, increasing the chances of matchmaking success.

Elite Singles and eHarmony both offer a free option as well as upgraded monthly subscriptions. Overall, eHarmony’s subscriptions are more flexible, and rates are cheaper per month.

Mobile users also prefer eHarmony’s mobile interface over Elite Singles, because it’s widely available on more devices and is more user-friendly.

You can check which one is best for you on Elite Singles vs eHarmony page.

Final Verdict:

Elite Singles is a globally popular and in-depth online dating service that achieves matchmaking through a personality assessment.

  • Elite Singles interprets personality data differently by using it to influence the potential matches you see scientifically.
  • It attracts a crowd more in the 30-55 age range.
  • Most of these people are college-educated, career-motivated intellectuals. Because the demographic is so similar, some users may enjoy a more diverse crowd on more widely used dating services.

Basic free memberships are available with no expiration date, but to actually get any use out of Elite Singles, you must upgrade to a paid Premium account. Compared to other dating services on the market, its monthly rates are much more expensive.

If you are looking for a personality-driven online dating experience, you’ll be satisfied with Elite Singles. But after comparing features and online Elite Singles reviews, I think there is a broader spectrum of profiles available on eHarmony, and at an even lower monthly price. Joining the dating site is just as easy as Elite Singles - just visit the official website and start making your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about Elite Singles below:

What is the personality test used for?

The Elite Singles personality test is a questionnaire in ten sections designed to understand your personality and preferences in a partner. This information is used to find you the most compatible matches.

Why can’t I see my Elite Singles profile updates?

The site screens all written entries and photo uploads before allowing users to publish changes to Elite Singles profiles. If your changes aren’t shown, they still may be awaiting approval or disapproval.

Is it easy to cancel elite singles?

Yes, users can easily cancel their Elite Singles memberships using their online cancellation form. Simply log into your profile, go to the My Account menu, and select Membership. From there, click the cancellation link and follow the prompts.

Why can’t I see my photo?

If your Elite Singles’ profile photo is unavailable, that means your profile hasn’t met the site’s screening requirements or is still pending approval.

Where can I find my Elite Singles matches?

View your Elite Singles matches on the match page on your profile. You can find a link to this page from your profile homepage.

Is it possible to filter match results?

Yes, users can filter their match results in order of:
• Newest matches
• Most recent photo uploads
• Profiles you’ve had contact with
• The most similar profiles
• Favorite profiles

How does the “Have you met?” feature work?

The “Have you Met” feature allows users to judge potential profiles in a quick, streamlined manner similarly to swiping on other dating apps. The list features profiles you may have originally missed in your daily matches.

How do I save my favorite Elite Singles profiles?

If you find a profile that leaves a good first impression and you want to revisit, add it to your favorites list. When viewing their profile, click the star icon to add them to your favorites.

Is paying for an Elite Singles membership worth it?

Although a Basic membership is free, it doesn’t give users full access to interact with other profiles. To fully enjoy the online dating experience and find a potential partner, it is worth it to pay for an Elite Singles membership.

What age group is Elite Singles for?

Elite Singles is available to anyone young professionals ages 18 and up. However, a majority of Elite Singles members fall between the ages of 30-55.

Are there fake profiles on Elite Singles?

Unfortunately, like any free online dating sites, there is a risk of fake profiles on Elite Singles. Elite Singles has a fraud detection system to vet profiles, but users should always take precautions to avoid any scams when online dating.

Does Elite Singles have a high success rate?

Compared to other swiping dating apps based on less personality information, Elite Singles has a high success rate. According to Elite Singles, more than 2,500 of their users find love per month.

Can anyone join?

Any singles ages 18 and up are welcome to create an Elite Singles profile. The majority of Elite Singles users are young, successful, college-educated professionals.

Is it possible to get a refund?

Yes, if there’s been a billing issue and you’d like to request a refund, simply contact the Customer Service team.

Is monthly billing available?

Currently, monthly billing is unavailable but will be an available feature soon. Elite Singles uses a staggered price scale, which means subscriptions are cheaper with longer memberships.

Elite Singles charges the cost of a Premium subscription in one upfront purchase.

Does Elite Singles offer a free trial?

No, Basic Elite Singles memberships are available for free with no trial period. A basic membership allows users to explore the site’s most basic features, including the personality test, profile views, and potential matches before upgrading to Premium.

Do you have to pay to message on Elite Singles?

The Basic Elite Singles membership allows users to receive messages for free. To send messages, users must upgrade to a paid Premium subscription.

How do I know if someone has read my messages?

After you’ve sent a message to one of your matches, a ‘read receipt’ indicator will be shown at the bottom corner of the conversation, showing a delivered status. It will change to ‘read’ once the profile member has opened and read the message.


Overall EliteSingles is a good dating site for professionals.

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