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By: Michele Baird
Updated: August 29, 2022
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We’re proud to announce the acquisition of MeetHereNow by Our teams are excited to be working together to bring you new and innovative ways to date online and offline.

Online websites and apps revolutionized dating. It made it easier than ever to interact with singles and find friends from around the world. Unfortunately, online dating has plenty of problems. It is impersonal, confusing, and boring. It can also be dangerous.

MeetHereNow provides a fun and exciting solution and alternative to online dating and app dating. 

What Is MeetHereNow?

MeetHereNow feels face-to-face interactions are one of the best ways to interact and get to know people.

Problems With Online Dating

Much of modern dating is focused on using apps to quickly sort through hundreds of potential people. While this may seem like a way to get yourself out in front of as many potential matches as possible, many find these apps are ineffective. 

While apps may work for some people, they don’t work for most people looking for real or interesting connections. 

Even when you do get a match, it is difficult to communicate through the apps effectively.  

Many people can’t find matches, or the matches may end up being bots or scam artists trying to take advantage of you. There is no right dating advice available on most of these platforms. This can make online dating feel impersonal and unsafe. 

Through our experiences, we found personal interactions and activities can make finding matches much safer, personal, and easier.

Enter MeetHereNow

MeetHereNow has been developing sociable experiences for dating. We help you step away from the monotony of your dating app and introduce you to like-minded individuals. 

Our in-person and virtual meetups can help you find new friends or a new partner. No worries about work talk or small talk. You’ll have a chance to experience real conversations with new and interesting people.

No Available Events

Meet Here/Now gatherings are currently not available.

Advantages of Using MeetHereNow for Dating

Our service offers a wide range of benefits over traditional speed dating and online dating. 

Easier Than Using an App

If you never get matched or don’t understand how to use a dating app, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re bad at writing personal bios or taking selfies? Don’t let an app get in the way of dating fun and exciting people.

MeetHereNow is easy to use. We set up a room of singles and provide conversational topics and fun activities. After the meetup, we can connect parties that are interested in each other. We strive to provide a no-stress alternative to dating apps.

Personal Chemistry

While you may find someone attractive on a mobile dating app, you still need to meet them to see if you have chemistry. Do you want to meet every match you have in-person to see if they’re the one?

We make it easy to see if you have chemistry with our other members. You’ll get to meet face-to-face with several other people. Spend time talking and interacting with several other attendees. This is the best way to gauge the chemistry between two people.

If the chemistry feels right, congratulations!  

Low-Pressure Meetings

All our meetups are low-pressure situations. Casual experiences make it easier to chat and interact with others. While it’s OK not to interact, we try to encourage our members to interact and talk. You may find many other members are just as shy as you.

You can decide if you wish to interact with other members at the meetup. Feel free to walk away with new friends or something more. It’s up to you.

Safe and Secure

Online dating can be dangerous. From scam accounts to bot accounts, the person on the other side of the app might not be who they appear to be. There are countless horror stories of people trusting scam accounts and losing money or worse.

Our meetings and gatherings are incredibly safe and secure for everyone involved. Meeting several people face to face ensures you won’t be misled by fake online dating profiles.

You’ll find our meetings are a safe place where it’s OK to talk to strangers.

Fun and Exciting Experiences

Swiping on an app hoping to find a match is dull. Dating and meeting new people should be fun and exciting.

You can join meetups that match your interests and skip ones that don’t. There’s no need to arrange a meetup or schedule a date. MeetHereNow will set up the event. All you need to do is show up and participate in the lively conversation and fun activities. 

Open and Expand Your Bubble

Are you stuck dating from the same group of friends or locals? MeetHereNow can introduce you to new and interesting people who are interested in meeting you. Our meetups are a great way to expand your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Improved Experienced for Our Audience

Combining the efforts of and MeetHereNow is only the beginning.

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We want everyone to experience real human connections. Face-to-face interactions are the best way to gauge interest and find chemistry with others. Whether you are looking for new friends or something more, we are designing new services that will help you succeed with your goals. 

Utilizing the top dating sites and in-person meetups is a great idea for anyone looking to expand their circle of friends and meet new people. Our goal is to help our members have fun, sociable lives online and offline.

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