About Us

By: Michele Baird
Updated: August 2, 2021

Trying to find real romance today sometimes feels like an uphill battle.

Sure, but with almost unlimited online options to pick and choose from, we are told that the dating market has never been this wide open.

But after trying your hand at a handful of apps, jumping on a handful of services, and facing “matches” that never live up to your expectations, it’s not difficult to come away pretty jaded.

That’s why we created Lovenet-JP.com, though – and it’s a big part of why we’ve acquired Meet Here Now, too.

What We Stand For

Lovenet-JP.com was created to help people make heads and tails of the new digital dating market.

Our founder Michelle recognized pretty early on that there were going to be lots of headache and lots of heartbreak caused by online dating, just because of the way that most of these platforms were structured.

Combine that with the almost unlimited options available, the “swipe left or right” dating culture that popped up with these apps, and the barriers to real connectivity that digital communication brought to the table, and it was a perfect storm.

Lovenet-JP.com helps cut through the clutter, zeroing in on the top dating options today but also helping people find – and master – different dating platforms depending on their current romantic goals.

Why Our Readers Trust Us

There’s a world of difference between how someone looking for a more casual relationship uses online dating platforms and how someone looking for a serious, committed, “settle down” kind of lifestyle uses them.

Unfortunately, most of the platforms today use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to generating online romance.

Lovenet-JP.com does deep dives on all of the different platforms to find out what they do best and who they help most.

Our visitors are going to learn about:

  • What the top dating platforms are right now, and what makes them so special
  • How to use these top online dating platforms to find more dates faster and

  • How to make sure that these dates – and these new partners – are more aligned with their romantic goals than ever before!

No longer are people going to feel like they are just another fish in the sea of digital faces cluttering up online dating platforms.

Instead, with the help of Michelle and our team, visitors to Lovenet-JP.com are going to learn exactly how to succeed – and thrive – in the digital market of romance today.

Visitors learn how to build better profiles to find the right people, how to spark conversations that actually go somewhere, and how to move things from the digital world to the real world as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been on the hunt for real modern dating help, you’ve come to the right place!

Why Lovenet-JP.com Acquired Meet Here Now

Far too often modern digital dating platforms feel like a sort of “holding pattern” for relationships.

You find a couple of people online, you have a couple of casual conversations, and maybe you trade social media accounts with one another.

All the while both people are swiping furiously one way or another on a whole bunch of new people, and before you know it, this initial connection fizzles out completely, only to be replaced by another temporary fix.

And the cycle rinses and repeats over and over again.

Everybody ends up losing out, and everybody ends up a little lonelier and a little more jaded about the whole experience, too.

Well, Meet Here Now aims to turn the modern digital dating paradigm on its head – moving virtual meet-ups to the real world in low-pressure situations that are safe, secure, and designed to test the chemistry between two people.

That’s what we love so much about this platform, and that’s why we were more than happy to partner together in this acquisition.

Together we are going to move forward to make this platform even better than it is right now.

We know this is the “next big thing” in the world of modern dating and can’t wait to share these improvements with you in the weeks and months to come!

About the Founder

Michele Baird, the founder of Lovenet-JP.com, has always loved playing the role of matchmaker – and loves everything there is about love (real, passionate, human love), too!

Recognizing there was a pretty big gap between the “hookup” and the “let’s get married tomorrow” communities of online dating, Michelle created Lovenet-JP.com to help those that felt a little lost and in over their head in the world of online dating today.

Lovenet-JP.com started off as a bit of a passion project but exploded in popularity faster than anyone could have imagined.

Today it’s one of the most impactful online dating reviews sites on the planet, helping people find that real connection they are searching for – building the kinds of relationships they are interested in, no matter what kind of relationship that might be.