Christian Mingle vs eHarmony: Which One is Better in 2023?

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2023
Which is better of eHarmony vs Christian Mingle

Are you ready to find love as a serious single?

Unfortunately, apps like Tinder and Hinge have made it harder for those serious about finding a real, lasting connection. With so many hookups happening on these apps, it's no wonder many people have decided to join a more formal dating site like Christian Mingle or eHarmony.

However, just because you're serious about dating on Christian Mingle or eHarmony doesn't mean you'll find a match. You need to figure out which site deserves your time.

Below, I'm touching on everything from the sign-up process to pricing so you can make the best decision.

Christian Mingle At A Glance

Christian Mingle

Right off the bat, ChristianMingle lets its religious affiliation be known. This faith-based dating platform has millions of users from all over that share one thing: the same beliefs. So it's no wonder this has been one of the most popular dating sites for Christians.

Launched back in 2001 by Spark Networks, Christian Mingle has since amassed over 16 million users. Christian Mingle was first created to give God-centered people a platform to find the commitment and love they desire without compromising on their core religious beliefs.

Christian Mingle even advertises that 29% of all Christian marriages that started online began through its site. You can read our detailed Christian Mingle review here.

eHarmony At A Glance

Homepage of eHarmony Christian Site

eHarmony is another incredibly popular online dating site. It's become prevalent among those who are new to dating websites or those who are hesitant about online dating in the first place. eHarmony expects to have 2.8 million new users register this year alone.

You can read our detailed eHarmony review here.

When you sign up with eHarmony, you'll go through a thorough personality assessment that will automatically match you with singles with similar interests and values. This strategy aims to keep the dating process fun and simple without too much pressure.

Let's start with a detailed comparison of these two dating apps and see which one comes on top for finding a spouse.

1. Who's Popular?

Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle are popular but in unique ways. Christian Mingle has a very strong Christian following because of its faith-centered platform. 

On the other hand, eHarmony has a wider coverage and thus attracts more users from all over. eHarmony also has a 14% share of the $2.4 billion dating service industry

Of course, popularity isn't just about the numbers and ratings but also the quality of individual experiences each site offers its members. A huge platform with millions of users that doesn't provide a supportive and helpful dating experience is bound to get only bad reviews, which won't help its popularity.

That's how we decided one of these dating platforms was more popular than the other:

Winner: eHarmony

Because eHarmony has a broader reach geographically and also appeals to a wider range of people, eHarmony is the most popular dating site among these two options.

2. Sign-Up Process:

Before you decide on either of these two dating apps, you need to prepare yourself for a lengthy and time-consuming registration process. 

No, this isn't because these sites want you to suffer; it's the exact opposite! These sites take dating seriously, so they require lots of information from you about your personality, interests, and values to match you appropriately. 

For Christian Mingle, plan to spend at least 20 minutes working your way through the registration process. For eHarmony, block out at least 30 minutes to an hour of time to commit to it.

While both processes are long, the good news is that they are also both pretty easy. It's especially easy for Christian Mingle users, as some information is already gathered just by the nature of joining. For example, the site assumes you're of the Christian faith and are seeking a relationship based on Christian values. 

Since eHarmony welcomes all types of daters, the sign-up process is a bit more in-depth to narrow down the matches best suited for you. It also offers many people applying from all over the world. Because of this, eHarmony has set up several security measures to ensure everyone is of legal age and serious about the process.

When applying for Christian Mingle, the site will ask for your basic contact and identification details. From there, you'll be tasked with setting up your discovery preferences to find the kind of partner you're looking for. For example, you can list things like:

  • Age window
  • Ideal date activities
  • Gender
  • The type of relationship you're looking for
  • Your denomination
  • Where you live

From these credentials, the site gives you customized lists of match suggestions daily that you can review to determine compatibility.

eHarmony's application process, on the other hand, is far from simple. The process begins with a 150-question personality test that dives deep into the details of your life, like goals, hobbies, likes and dislikes, deal-breakers, interests, and so much more. 

eHarmony quiz

Image Source: eHarmony

With this high level of information about you, the system then compares your data to the data of other members in the system to find ideal matches for you to look over. You also have the opportunity to further narrow down your search criteria to generate more accurate match suggestions.

As far as the sign-up process goes, it really boils down to personal preference. Some people don't want to waste time with the up-front details and would prefer to spend the time getting to know their matches. If that's you, then the Christian Mingle process would be ideal. 

Others see the value in being very detailed at the front end of the process, so the quality of matches is higher. Does this sound like you? Then you would probably appreciate the level of detail that eHarmony goes into from the start.

Winner: Christian Mingle

While the eHarmony sign-up process is thorough for finding a soulmate, it can be a bit draining. For this reason, Christian mingle wins the sign-up round.

3. Quality of Matches and Interactions:

The quality of matches and interactions determines how good a dating site is. Many people that are just getting started in the online dating world are scared of things like fake profiles, lack of quality matches, scarce memberships, and inappropriate conversations. 

The good news? Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle are known for the high-quality dates they produce for their members. If you're dedicated enough, you're sure to find the perfect date on either of these sites. 

However, there's something to keep in mind about eHarmony. Since eHarmony has more members and is enrolling new members faster than Christian Mingle is, there's a wider pool of individuals to choose from. Since there are more options, the likelihood of finding a quality match is higher.

eHarmony matches you with singles based on its 32 dimensions of compatibility algorithm. This unique matching system uses the answers given at the time of registration to find others that see and experience the world similarly. 

eharmony compatibility quiz tips

Christian Mingle matches you based on the little information you provided as well as the preferences you made known during your application. From these specifications, Christian Mingle will provide you with up to 7 targeted matches daily. You can be matched with people via the “secret admirer” status or the search tool.

On eHarmony, as soon as you're ready to talk to a match, you can initiate the conversation with something like an icebreaker or a smiley-face emoji. eHarmony offers fun " icebreakers " to find out what you have in common and get the conversation flowing. From there, premium members can access eHarmony's messaging system and start chatting directly. eHarmony also offers a video call feature for premium members.

On the ChristianMingle website, you can start sending messages to your matches as soon as you'd like. Every day you'll be served a different list of suggested matches, giving you new opportunities to reach out and start connecting.

Winner: eHarmony

Because eHarmony has a more targeted approach to matches and safety measures in place before messaging can occur, it's the better option as far as matches and interaction go.

4. Profile Quality:

Christian Mingle takes a more mature approach to dating, opting not to rely on any personality quizzes as a means of finding happy couples. While Christian Mingle doesn't necessarily provide the space for a robust, long profile full of rich information about you, it does cover what's most important.

You'll gather the following information about your match:

  • Religious denomination
  • Pictures of what they look like
  • General area of where they live
  • Career information

You'll also find the answers to questions explicitly designed to offer some insight into their character and personality.

eHarmony, on the other hand, takes a different approach to profile building. Since the dating service boasts the high quality of its matches, each profile features a lot of information. You can also add an “about me” section, information about your dating preferences, and your ideal levels of compatibility in different areas. 

These compatibility aspects include: 

  • Emotional intimacy
  • Physical intimacy
  • Conscientiousness
  • Religious values
  • Relationship values
  • Social values
  • Agreeableness
  • Intellect
  • Accommodation
  • Exclusivity
  • Romance

Winner: eHarmony

For the sake of thoroughness, eHarmony wins this round again. There's just so much more you can find out on an eHarmony profile than you can on Christian Mingle.

5. Special Features:

Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle use different features to help members find love.

ChristianMingle dating app lets you become a “secret admirer” if you find someone you're interested in. 

eHarmony, however, offers something that Christian Mingle doesn't: satisfaction guaranteed, or else you get three months free.

Winner: eHarmony

Because eHarmony members get an extra three months of free service if they haven't found someone after their first three, eHarmony wins the “features” round.

6. Aesthetics and Ease of Use:

eHarmony members area

While the aesthetics might not matter to some, they can make a big difference to others. Some daters prefer an interface that's sophisticated and modern, while others prefer a simple, straightforward platform that's focused on dating and not design.

Both eHarmony and Christian Mingle have fairly basic aesthetics and navigational systems, but eHarmony's site design is a bit more elevated, while Christian Mingle's is simple and easy. 

For these reasons, older members may prefer the simplicity of Christian Mingle, while younger daters may gravitate toward eHarmony.

Winner: eHarmony

eHarmony has nailed keeping it simple, straightforward, and stylish all in one.

7. eHarmony vs ChristianMingle Price

Both sites offer a free trial and paid memberships. However, you'll need to upgrade to a paid membership in order to unlock all the features.

eHarmony subscription breakdown:

  • 6-month package for $55.90 per month
  • 12-month for $35.90 per month
  • 24-month for $25.90 per month

Christian Mingle cost breakdown:

  • 3-month plan for $24.99 per month
  • 6-month plan for $22.99 per month
  • 12-month plan for $12.99 per month

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Winner: Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle has better plans for those hesitant to commit to a contract.

8. Who is it for?

While both sites cater to all genders, Christian Mingle certainly focuses on the Christian demographic. However, eHarmony is open to all denominations.

Christian Mingle does not allow same-sex couples, but eHarmony does. Even still, because so few homosexual individuals use the site, same-sex partners may find it difficult to succeed on the site.

While Christian Mingle hones in on the Christian singles, eHarmony's pool also includes a lot of Christian daters. Since eHarmony doesn't limit its dating pool to this demographic, there's a lot more flexibility for singles looking for love.

Christian Mingle vs eHarmony: Overall Winner?

While some people may have a different personal choice, our overall winner of this eHarmony vs Christian Mingle review is eHarmony—by far. 

eHarmony is one of the most established, widely-reaching online dating sites out there. With its strategic, detailed approach to helping its members find love, there's no doubt in my mind that anyone serious enough will find the perfect companion using eHarmony's system.

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