Christian Mingle Review – Is It Still Worth To Join In 2023?

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2023
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There are a number of different dating sites out there. However, many of the sites may not seem right for you. Many of the sites seem more designed toward hookups and one night stands. You may be looking for something a little more substantial. You may want someone looking for an eternal love based on a common belief in Jesus Christ. In that case, Christian Mingle may be the perfect option for you. If you are wondering whether you should sign up for the site, here is a complete Christian Mingle review to help you make the right decision! 

Member Structure

 Luckily, Christian Mingle is a relatively popular site. This means there are a number of users out there for you to talk to. Currently, there are 7,000,000 American users. There are also 40,000 people who log in every single week. The users are pretty evenly divided between female and male users, so neither gender has an overwhelming advantage. Also, most users are over the age of 25. These are people who are somewhat established in life, looking to find someone to share it with. 

Another important thing to mention about members of Christian Mingle is that many of them have a strong relationship with God. This makes it the great place for someone to find a mate who wants to establish a relationship with a foundation built on Christian morals. If you tend to share these views, you will find a wide range of people to talk to. 

Sign-Up Process

Details to fill

 Anyone who is over 18 years of age can sign up. The site also asks that you have a relationship with God if you want to sign up. Also, the sign-up process only takes a couple of minutes. They even make it easier by letting you sign in with Facebook or Google. They also won't post anything, so you don't have to worry about unwanted posts on Facebook.

After you sign up, you need to fill out some basic information. Then, you get the option to upload up to six pictures. After your profile and pictures are approved, you are ready to talk to others. The more detailed your profile, the more likely you will stand out to the other users on the site. 


 The most important part of a dating site is making contact with other people on the site. Christian Mingle gives members new matches every single day. When you log in, those matches will be ready for you to browse. Christian Mingles generates these matches based on your own preferences. Of course, you can search for members yourself, too. Simply use the search feature to narrow down your selections. You can search by distance, age, religious beliefs, and much more.

 It's important to remember that only people with premium accounts can message other users. You can not message others with the free account unless a premium member messages first. 

Profile Quality

 Christian Mingle doesn't use personality quizzes, focusing on a more mature approach. While the profile isn't necessarily long, it covers the most important things you need to know about someone. In particular, you can learn about a person's religious affiliation and what their religion means to them in life. You will also learn basics, such as appearance, general location, and career. There are also questions designed to help you get to know the person on a more personal level. 


 Like most dating apps these days, Christian Mingle does have an app. You can take your search for love on the road with you wherever you go throughout the day. The app is free, but you still need to have a premium account to utilize all features. The app does offer just about anything you can do on the desktop version of the site. You won't have to miss a message from a date just because you were busy. 


 Christian Mingle offers a pretty straight-forward site. However, it does offer a couple of cool features that make it unique. 

1. LookBook

 LookBook is Christian Mingle's version of the now-famous "swiping" aspect other dating sites, such as Tinder, made popular. You get the opportunity to look at another member's profile without them being notified. If you like the profile, you can "heart" the profile. If they like your profile as well, you will both be notified. 

 2. Discovery Preferences

 When you search members, you get the opportunity to set preferences that set you up with users who will be the best match for you, especially based on religious preferences. The site will save these preferences for you to help keep your search results guided toward what you want. 

 3. Messaging+

 Messaging+ allows you to message all premium users. However, it also gives you the opportunity to message members with free membership status. 

 4. ColorCoding

 While the site generally stays away from most gimmicks, it does offer this quick personality quiz. You will get a color as a result. The color will help people recognize you as a certain personality type to help people learn about you as quickly and simply as possible. 

Ease of Use

 One of the best things about Christian Mingle is the simplicity of the site. Everything you need is easy to find. The colors and fonts also make things easy to read. It's easy to use and pleasant to look at. Plus, there is always help available if you run into a technical problem. They even limit most advertisements so that they are mostly internal. They also aren't as invasive as on other sites. 

Safety And Security

 Christian Mingle makes the effort to keep members as safe as possible. To start, the site helps people feel safe by not allowing them to put personal information into their profile. Some of the things not allowed include last names, phone numbers, or addresses. The staff also verifies pictures to ensure that they fit within the company's views. Inappropriate pictures will be denied. Some pictures can even disqualify a potential member from getting approved to the site. 

 Furthermore, Christian Mingle makes a point to offer customer service around the clock in the case of a problem. They also offer a blog with safety advice for members. 


 If you're looking to take the next step toward love, you may be curious how much it costs to be a member of the site. Christian Mingle does have a free option, but it is significantly limited. The only features offered include:

  • Create Account
  • Search Members
  • Send "Smiles"
  • See Who Liked Your Profile
  • Like Profiles

 While you may be able to view other members, you won't be able to do more than "like" their profile. As a premium member, you'll also be able to send messages, hide your profile, receive read notifications, browse profiles anonymously. There are a number of options when you want to upgrade your profile. Those options include:


premium membership



per month


premium membership



per month

  • $49.99/ one month
  • $34.99/mo for three months ($104.97 total)
  • $24.99/mo for six months ($149.94)

 As you see, the longer you sign up for a membership, the cheaper it is per month. When your time is up, your account will be automatically renewed for the same amount you paid the last time. Make any changes before you get charged. 

Pros And Cons


  • Christian-exclusive dating site
  • Attractive and user-friendly site
  • Daily matches as well as detailed search filters
  • Security measure to keep you safe
  • Free version to check out the site before buying
  • Thousands of success stories


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not as many members as competitors
  • Can be seen as overly simplistic 
  • Not open to LGBTQ members until legally forced

The Bottom Line

 Christian Mingle is a great site for people to come together if they want a relationship based on faith. You can talk to a number of people until you find the person God created for you to start a life with.

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What is ChristianMingle?

 Christian Mingle is a dating website specifically designed for singles who want to find a long-term relationship based on mutual faith. It is the largest website designed exclusively for single Christians. 

Who owns ChristianMingle?

 Christian Mingle is owned by a popular dating site company named Spark Networks. This is one of the many sites they own, specifically designed to target a specific audience. Unlike other Christian sites, Christian Mingle is not Christian-owned. 

Is ChristianMingle legitimate?

 Christian Mingle is a completely legitimate site. The owners make a point to verify profiles to help ensure that the people who are talking to are the person in their picture. Of course, people can still scam other people. That means you should still make a point to meet people in public places and be careful of who you decide to meet in person. 

Is there a ChristianMingle mobile app?

 Yes! There is a Christian Mingle mobile app. You can download it for free and access almost all of the features offered to you by your account status. You will be able to search for and communicate with potential matches from wherever you are. 

How do I contact the ChristianMingle customer team?

 There are a number of ways to get help if you have a question. First, there is a live chat option right on the website. All you need to do is visit the "Help" section on the website. The live chat will pop up right there for you. You will also have the option to send in an email.

Where is the ChristianMingle headquarters?

 Spark Network is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. However, they also have an American headquarters in Los Angeles, California. 

Who can join ChristianMingle?

 Any single Christian looking for love can join Christian Mingle. The site asks married individuals not to join, as it goes against the site's traditional values. However, you are able to join if you are gay, bisexual, or transsexual. A couple of years ago, the site didn't accept LGBTQ members. Now, all Christians are welcome, despite sexual orientation. 

Is ChristianMingle free?

 There is a free option for Christian Mingle. However, the free option is quite limited. The biggest limitation is that you aren't able to contact the members you see unless you are lucky enough for them to be a premium member and message you first. However, the free membership option does allow people to view other members. Hopefully, a particular member will make you want to upgrade your services. 

How much does ChristianMingle cost?

 Christian Mingle offers a price based on how long you sign up for. For one month, you will pay $49.99. For three months, you will pay $34.99 per month. For six months, you will pay $24.99 per month. The subscription will renew for the same duration when it's up. 

How can I get ChristianMingle for free?

 To get a free account, all you need to do is create an account. You will automatically create a free subscription. 

Can I hide my ChristianMingle profile while I search or browse?

 People are able to see when you visit their profile under a free account. This can cause embarrassment if you visit the account repeatedly. If you don't want people to see that you are viewing their profile, you need to get a premium account. There's no other way to remain anonymous while looking at profiles. 

Can I make my personal information public for other ChristianMingle members to view?

 Some people are open books and don't mind offering up their personal information to make it easy for other people to contact them. However, this isn't always the safest way to move forward with strangers. For user safety, Christian Mingle does not allow people to post their personal contact information. 

Can you truly communicate for free on Christian Mingle?

 You can only communicate for free on Christian Mingle if a person with a premium account messages you first. They may decide to message you first if you send them a "smile". 

What does pending review mean on Christian Mingle?

 You may notice a message that says "pending review" on your profile or on your pictures. To keep things as high quality as possible, Christian Mingle staff members must approve of messages and the things you write in your profile. Things usually get approved in just a couple of days. Until it is approved, other people will not be able to see those particular items. 

How long for ChristianMingle to review photos and bio?

 Generally speaking, your pictures and profile should be approved within 48 hours. If not, please reach out to the customer service team. 

Is Christian Mingle a good site?

 There are a number of great things about Christian Mingle that make it a great site. The people on the site are likely looking for the exact same thing as you. You will feel more comfortable here than on another site, such as Tinder. However, the site does require a payment in order to take advantage of all of the features.

Does Christian Mingle actually work?

 If you want to learn just how successful Christian Mingle is, take a look at their "success stories" page. There are hundreds of pages of stories about couples who met on the site and ended up taking their relationship to the next level. 

How do I report another member at ChristianMingle?

 Being a Christian site, Christian Mingle takes the safety of its members very seriously. Of course, they can't catch everything that happens in every user's messages. Luckily, if someone is inappropriate, you have the ability to block a member yourself. 

 If someone sends an inappropriate message or picture, you can report them. Simply click on their profile and then the settings button. In the settings, you should see an option for "Report". Be sure to explain the issue to complete the report. The user will then be dealt with appropriately. 

How do I block another ChristianMingle member from contacting me?

 There are a number of reasons why you might not want to talk to someone you began a conversation with on Christian Mingle. If you want, you can block them from contacting you altogether. Simply go to the settings dropdown on their profile and select "Block". Be sure to confirm your desire to block the user, and they will no longer be able to message you. 

How do I delete my ChristianMingle profile?

 If you found the right person or don't want to use your profile any longer, it's time for you to delete your account. You need to click on your profile pick, select "Account Settings", "Profile Display Settings", and then "Permanently Delete Profile".

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