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By: Michele Baird
Updated: September 10, 2022
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UntilIGetMarried.com was a website that focused on love, dating advice, and everything relationships. The writer deemed himself "The Modern Day Bachelor," often weighing in on celebrity romance, sharing his thoughts and dating experiences, and was once The New York Post Dating reporter.

Love can be complicated, and not many writers know that better than Jozen Cummings, editor, writer, storyteller, and dating expert. However, the merging of Lovenet-JP and UntilIGetMarried was a match made in heaven.

LoveNet-JP.com recently made the Until I Get Married acquisition due to the popularity and attraction of the past site. Readers could find Cummings' emotional and heartful true story of his proposal to his then-girlfriend. UntilIGetMarried.com was a place for people to laugh, wonder, cry, and feel less alone no matter what kind of relationship they were in, written by someone who could relate to so many and had seen so much.

The Writer Behind "Until I Get Married"

Jozen Cummings wrote for numerous publications over the years, including Complex, Essence, GQ, New York Magazine, Grantland, Wall Street Journal, and many others, before deciding to start a blog of his own in 2009: Until I Get Married. Cummings understood the fun and troubles of being a young and single New York bachelor, wanting to relate to those going through the same thing and vice versa.

Cummings interestingly served as a blind date matchmaker for the New York Post column called "Meet Market." He also has provided advice for men and women navigating the dating world and trying to understand its complexities.

Some of his more exciting articles include his own funny dating stories or mishaps, explanations for mysteries surrounding dating, and advice for people who are single, dating, married, or in complicated situationships.

Jozen crafted his brand and drew people in by keeping things raw and truthful throughout the ups and downs over the years. His vulnerability, passion for the subject, and skilled talent for writing made many people come back for more, eagerly awaiting another exciting article and adventure from the quick-witted writer.

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What is LoveNet-JP.com?

LoveNet-JP.com is a site that provides the most extensive and detailed dating website reviews. It is not a dating site but rather a place that compiles the good and bad of the most popular ones, so you don't have to! 

No more searching through dating sites before meeting someone because at LoveNet-JP.com, we make it simple to find the best platform to find your potential life partner.

We have found the top three dating sites of 2022, have many articles comparing popular competing dating sites, and offer thorough reviews to consider. In addition, our blog showcases dating tips and advice, similar to what you would find with Until I Get Married. 

That said, the online property acquired seemed like the perfect fit, and it is!

Finding the Perfect Dating Website

Finding the perfect person for you is easier said than done, especially in a day and age where genuine and lasting connections are like rare diamonds. Many singles experience the frustration of scammers, ill-fitting blind date matches, or the struggle of finding someone like themselves. Why is it so difficult to find a good person these days with similar interests and aspirations and with whom things feel effortless?

LoveNet-JP.com understands that building a life with someone starts with finding the right person, the perfect match, and your other half. Some people are exiting many years of a marriage that didn't work out, might be intimidated by dating, or have had little success finding someone like them.

No one knows just how far the perfect person is from them — across town, the state, or on the other side of the world!

That is why we want to make finding the best dating site for you as simple and stress-free as possible. After all, isn't searching through the profiles of potentials and setting up dates that may not make it to the second hard enough? LoveNet-JP.com is the convenient and easy answer to that problem!

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Advantages of Merging Until I Get Married and LoveNet-JP.com

You may wonder if merging the two sites is advantageous; it is.

Both websites operate with a similar theme and goal under the niche of romance, dating, and love. The sites' audiences will find themselves open to new content and opportunities to enjoy in one place instead of two. The merger intended to make two companies into an even stronger combined romance-centered business.

Whether you are single, looking for dating advice and love, or wanting to strengthen your relationship, this merger is phenomenal for everyone involved, including married couples. The user experience improves by combining the best of each site into one seamless and attractive space for all to engage.

Contact LoveNet-JP.com with questions, comments, or concerns. We hope you enjoy starting this new journey with us!