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By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2023
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Dating these days can be difficult, especially for someone with Christian values. Many people are turning to online dating, but people who sign up for online dating are generally only looking for hookups. Many of the sites don't vet the users very well, either. You may end up with inappropriate messages or even unsolicited pictures. If this isn't what you're looking for, you have options. Try Christian Cafe instead.

Christian Cafe is an online dating site specifically designed for people who have a strong relationship with Christ. Whether you've been devout since childhood or you are a born again Christian, you can find a march for you. They even offer a 10 day free trial to check it out for yourself.

Before you sign up, we are here to review the site for you. We will cover everything from the members base, sign up process, interactions, profiles, features, and pricing. Christian Cafe just might be the site for you to find the love of your life.

Member Structure

There are a large number of high-quality members on the site. There are over 1,000,000 American members with over 5,000 logins every day worldwide. The member base is exclusively Christian or people who share similar values and prefer a relationship with a Christian.

Most of the members on the site are above the age of 35. This means that there may be more options for older people looking for love. However, younger people should give it a try, too! The site seems to be almost even between men and women, making it an even playing ground for both genders.

Most of the users live in the United States. However, there are also large numbers of users from Canada, the UK, and Australia. Be sure to limit searches to people in your area to avoid getting distracted by people who live too far away.

Sign-Up Process

Christian Cafe homepage

The sign-up process at Christian Cafe is pretty straight forward and only takes about five minutes. As soon as you go to the site, you are given the opportunity to pick a user name and enter your email. The username is the name that other users will see when they see your profile. For people looking for an incentive to join, there is a 10 day free trial. There may even be a popup for an extra five days for free (after your first ten free days are up). This means there is no reason not to give it a shot.

Once you enter your email, you will be asked some other basic information. This includes your location, religious affiliation, and your education level. Next, you have the option to upload some pictures and fill out some essay questions. This gives you a great way to show other users who you are as a person. If you tend to be serious, be serious. If you tend to be playful, be playful. The more detailed you are, the better. Your password will be created by Christian Cafe and be emailed to you as well as displayed on the dashboard. You can change your password in your account settings.

During the sign-up process, the site also offers a disclaimer for users. It asks for people who are married NOT to join the site since it goes against the values of the owner. This adds some reassurance that they truly have Christian values at the forefront of their business design. This is great for people who want to put Christian values at the forefront of their relationship.

Members & Interactions

members dashboard

Christian Cafe gets just under 200,000 visitors every single month. These members tend to stay on the site for at least seven minutes per visit. This means they are actually browsing profiles and messaging people. While some other sites may have more users, especially on free sites, the users on this site are active users.

Members are generally people who hold Jesus close to their hearts. This helps bring people together who share similar life views. Most members have conservative viewpoints.

While the site is designed toward religious people, there is an option to declare "still figuring it out" under religion. This is great for users who are still exploring their spirituality but want someone pious.

There are seven ways to connect with people on the site, but you will use certain features more other than others. Popular options to find people include QuickMatch, Search, Who's Online, and Community Forums. QuickMatch will help set you up with someone based on the information in your profile. Every person you are matched with will have a percentage to represent compatibility. The closer to 100% the number is, the better a match (on paper at least). If you like the person you are matched with, you can go on to message the person or wink if you'd like them to initiate the conversation.

If you want to find somebody to talk to right away, check out the "Who's Online" feature. You will learn who is logged into the app right then. They will be more likely to respond to a message quickly since they are logged into the app. However, they might not be the best patch for you. Read the profile before sending a message!

Use the search to find members in your area who fit your criteria. You can filter your search results based on just about anything, including gender, age, location, religious affiliation, salary, hair color, and dream car. This gives you the opportunity to be especially picky. Of course, you can scale your criteria back a bit if you aren't finding anybody with your filters. When you do find someone who fits your criteria but they aren't quite what you're looking for, there's a button that will take you to similar profiles.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to send contact information over messaging during the free trial. The contact information will be blurred out to encourage you to get the paid version of the app.

Profile Quality

Profiles are quite extensive in nature. You must answer a wide variety of questions. Nine of the questions are open-ended, allowing people to truly show off their unique personalities. This only goes to enhance connections. It is time-consuming to complete, though. Be sure to set aside some time to complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability.

You are only allowed to put three pictures up on your profile. Luckily, you can switch these pictures around or upload new ones with time to keep your account updated.

Christian Cafe App

Like most dating apps, Christian Cafe has an app to allow people to find love on the go right on their phones. However, the Christian Cafe app isn't the best designed dating app out there.

First, the app doesn't offer the same capabilities as the full website. You can search members and use the QuickMatch feature, but most other features aren't available. It also looks a little old-fashioned compared to some other apps. The app used to only be available to Apple users, but an Android version of the app was developed recently.


There are a number of features to enjoy as a paid member of Christian Cafe. Some of those features include:


Prayer is a specific area on the website where members can write different prayers. These prayers will be shared with others to read. This is a great place for people who need support during a rough time. This makes the site more than just a dating site. It's also a place where Christians can come together to support each other about everyday difficulties.


The forum is a place where members can come together to talk about a variety of different topics. The forum covers everything from using the website to relationship advice to religious topics. It's a place where you can possibly meet someone while also discussing topics that matter to you.

Read Receipts

When you message someone, you want to know whether someone read your message or not. If someone read your message but didn't respond for a day, you know they probably aren't interested. You can move on to talk to another member with no hard feelings. If someone hasn't read the message, you can assume they just haven't logged in recently. Hopefully, they will log in soon!

Dating 101

Some people just aren't naturally inclined toward social situations and dating. This area helps teach people how to behave while dating. These small tips can help take your next relationship form the "just friends" stage to the "relationship" stage. Hopefully, it will take the next step, too.

Ease of Use

Christian Cafe is popular for being easy to use. People will log in and get the opportunity to see matches and messages from links right at the top of the page. While the website is certainly easy to navigate, it's not the most attractive website.

Safety & Security

Many people don't want others to know that they have been on a dating site. Luckily, Christian Cafe does their best to keep things on the site. Members may be able to see you, but that should be it.

Christian Cafe has admitted that employees have access to accounts. However, this is only to help in the case of a problem. There are strict rules in place for how and when this information may be accessed by an employee.

Christian Cafe takes its values seriously, so you can rest assured that users are protected while on the site. All photos must first be approved by the staff. No over blurry pictures, tiny pictures, or suggestive pictures will be accepted.

Christian Cafe can't catch every inappropriate interaction. That's why they offer an option to "block user" and "report user" when a fellow user gets inappropriate.


One of the best things about Christian Cafe is that the first ten days are free! You may also choose to extend that free trial by five days with a coupon. After the free trial, there is no free version of the site. You must pay to continue since the limited free version is extremely limited to the point you can't do much at all.

There are three options for the paid site:


premium membership



per month


premium membership



per month

Essentially, the longer you sign up, the cheaper the service is per month. Most users seem to recommend at least the three month option. This gives you plenty of time to talk to multiple people and maybe even go on a couple of dates.

Pros and Cons


  • Best site for people looking for a Christian relationship.
  • There are over 3000 verified testimonials from couples who have found love on the site.
  • Detailed profiles.
  • Extensive search features that allow you to find exactly what you're looking for.


  • Site could load faster.
  • No usable free option.
  • Some profiles remain after the user disabled the profile.
  • Could use better customer support.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, Christian Cafe is one of the best options for someone specifically looking for a Christian relationship. Many of the comparable Christian websites are open to just about anyone, so you might not find someone with your same values as easily. You also know you are less likely to be subjected to inappropriate behavior.

It's easy to sign up for Christian Cafe. Once you sign up and fill out your profile, you will find it easy to use a number of different features to view member profiles. If you are interested in a member, you have two options: you can wink at them or leave them a message. Winking is more sly than sending a direct message. If that person doesn't work out, use the button to view other member profiles of people with similar compatibility.


Who owns Christian Cafe?

The owner of Christian Cafe is a man named Sam who is definitely a true believer. He created this site to be a place that exclusively caters to Christians, and he takes his goal seriously.

Can I join even if I’m not a Christian?

This is a site exclusively for Christians who want a relationship founded in religion and morality. If you aren't Christian, you must share very similar values and prefer to date someone who is religious. There is an option under religious affiliation that allows users to select "figuring things out" for people who have hit a moment of unclarity in their faith.

How can I avail of the 10-day free trial?

The 10-day free trial will start automatically when you sign up. That's because Christian Cafe is so confident in their services that they know you will move forward after the ten days to continue using the site.

Am I required to upgrade my subscription after my free trial?

If you want to continue communicating with members, you will need to upgrade your prescription after the free trial.

What are the payment options available?

There are a number of ways to pay for your Christian Cafe subscription. Options include:
credit card
debit card
money order
Western Union

No matter what your preferred method of payment, Christian Cafe will help you get signed up. Simply click on "payment options" when entering payment information on your membership page if you don't want to use a card.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Your membership will automatically renew if you have your payment information saved on file for the same duration as your previous plan. This ensures that you don't experience a lag in your service. Be sure to write down the date you should be charged so you don't forget. If you want, you can disable the automatic renewal feature in your account settings.

Can I cancel my premium membership anytime?

Yes. You can cancel whenever you want, but you may have to finish out the term of your service. If you experience trouble, be sure to reach out to the support team to get help.

Review of Christian Cafe

ChristianCafe is for people who are seriously looking for a date with people who believe in Christian values.

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