Best and Worst Cities for Singles to Find Love & Dating

By: Michele Baird
Updated: February 3, 2023

If you are single, you know that dating can be tricky no matter where you are. Several factors affect a city's ranking on the "love scale." The more densely populated the city is, the better chances you have of finding someone you fancy, in both the best and worst cities for singles.

Some cities are densely populated with younger people, while others have an older demographic. Based on your age, taking this into account will help you find the right area for you to date. 

There are many single people in some areas, while other areas are more populated with couples and families. Additionally, some areas have a higher male population while others have a higher female population. 

Aside from these reasons, you may want to consider how expensive a city is and whether or not you will be able to afford to go on multiple dates there. 

This article will walk you through the best and worst cities for finding love and help you determine which is best for you. Get ready. We have a lot to cover!

Best Cities for Singles to Find Love

After compiling data from all across the United States and considering several important factors, we have determined that these are the best cities for singles to find love.

Of course, there are different reasons for each, so read each one carefully to determine if it is the right fit for you and what you are looking for. 

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA, is known for its dating scene. There are plenty of single people and unique ways to meet people in Pittsburgh. With around 70% of women unmarried and 66% of men unmarried, the dating options are robust. 

The city is also known for its high education rates, with 92.9% of the population carrying a high school diploma. Additionally, there are an endless amount of dating spots and picturesque areas to take your first selfie together. 

So, what makes Pittsburgh a fantastic city for romance? 

  • There are around 5500 drinking establishments in the city, so grabbing a drink has never been more accessible. 
  • With 60 days of sunshine, you can pack up your kayaks, hop on your bikes, and enjoy some real summer romance. 
  • You might also be surprised to find that there always seems to be fireworks happening somewhere in Pittsburgh. Watching fireworks with a date is the perfect romantic end to an evening. 
  • Pittsburgh, although not the cheapest city, is also nowhere near the most expensive city to date. 
  • They also have a high percentage of people who have internet access in their homes, making it a great place to date online or on a dating app. 

Interestingly, if you are young (18-24), this is one of the metro cities with the lowest youth population. If you are in your late 20s or 30s, then this is the place for you!

With plenty to do, plenty of singles, and plenty of kindness from strangers, Pittsburgh is one of the top cities to look for your next spouse. 

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2. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas, is another of our top-ranking cities in America for singles to live. Austin has:

  • Affordable date options
  • A young crowd
  • Plenty of entertainment and fun  

The city is quickly growing, with huge companies moving to Austin for lower prices from places like San Jose, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

Austin CultureMap named Austin the single best place for singles to find love during a pandemic. Austin has gorgeous weather and a plethora of fun outdoor activities. 

Over half of Austin's population is single, and in one survey, 39.8 percent of singles reported being satisfied with the dating opportunities in the city. Women, in particular, really enjoyed the dating scene in Austin. 

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3. Denver, Colorado

Denver has an endless amount of fun recreational activities for singles to enjoy. If you are into the outdoors, then this is the place to be. 

Denver has plenty of dating options, including:

  • Hiking
  • Camping 
  • Kayaking 
  • Biking 
  • Skiing 
  • More

Adventurous singles should head here immediately. Not to mention, the constant activity keeps Denver locals in shape and looking good.

Colorado has a young population and many single people, at almost 60% of the population. 

Denver is also the place to go if you are into sports. Professional football, baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and lacrosse teams make it a sports fans hub.

The majority of Denver's population is men, so single ladies, pack your bags!

Denver is known for being laid back, non-discriminatory, ultra dog friendly, and full of craft beer, making it another top contender on our list of the best cities to find love.

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4. Atlanta, Georgia

People in Atlanta love their fast-paced and exciting dating scene. Atlanta is a mixing pot of people, meaning that almost anybody can find someone that is their type. 

The women in Atlanta are known for being bold, making moves, and starting conversations more than they typically would in other cities. For the ladies, southern charm is definitely in abundance!

There is quite a mixture of single ages in Atlanta, too, with options for the young and older. 

The main complaint about Atlantans is the traffic, making it hard to see people living far away from you. 

Here are some cool facts about dating in Atlanta, Georgia: 

  • According to Atlanta Magazine, 90% of people claimed that they have never stood anyone up, and 69% claim that they have never had it done to them, either. This is a good sign.
  • If you are looking for something more serious than sex, you will be glad to hear that 40% of people have never had a one-night stand, and only 2% reported having them regularly. Additionally, only 3% of men said they want to have sex on the first date. 
  • People in Atlanta are serious about settling down, with over 70% of people wanting to settle down in the next five years. They are looking for a long-term, authentic relationship. 

If you're someone who is serious about dating, Atlanta might just be the place for you. 

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5. Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Minneapolis might not be the first city that strikes you as a great place to find your soulmate, but the U.S. Census Bureau proves otherwise. Of the city's over 400,000 residents, only 36% are married, making it one of the best cities for dating.

Furthermore, the dating app scene is hopping in Minneapolis. Tinder and Bumble are among the most popular apps for millennials, while eHarmony and Match tend to cater to the older crowd. 

If you're not convinced yet, below are some other reasons why Minneapolis is such a great city for singles:

  • The restaurant and bar scene is hopping in downtown Minneapolis. Whether you want to take your date to a young professional-oriented bar in Lowertown or the renowned upscale Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant, the options are nearly endless.
  • Minneapolis ranks as the third fittest city in the United States. So, you can start daydreaming about a longer life together with your prospective partner.
  • Dating in the winter offers a fairytale-like setting. Your date might even get extended if you get caught in a snowstorm (let's just hope it's with a guy or gal you like!)
  • Buying your date a meal won't break the bank. Restaurants average 20% less money than big cities like New York.

Yes, Minneapolis is a cloudier city than average for the United States. 

But who needs tank tops and flip flops when all that gloom and cold means that you get to cuddle closer with your sweetheart? 

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6. Boise, Idaho

Boise is an ideal city for singles looking to meet an outdoorsy partner. The "City of Trees" offers many parks for hiking, bicycle paths, and places to take a romantic kayak ride.

If education is important to you in a partner, you'll be glad to know that Boise city has a 95% high school graduation rate compared to the 88% U.S. national average. Furthermore, over 70% of the population continues onto college.

But education isn't everything; we've all been on dates with a textbook-savvy person who'd rather talk about their accreditations than learning about your interests. 

So, below are other reasons why you should consider Boise for finding the love of your life.

  • The median age is 36.6 years old. That makes it a great city for singles with an established career who are ready to settle down and find a partner.
  • With over 400 restaurants listed on OpenTable, you can treat your date to just about any kind of cuisine.
  • The Hyde Park district makes date planning easy. With boutique shops, parks, biking paths, and live entertainment, your date doesn't have to end with dinner if you don't want it to.
  • Nearly 80% of Idahoans have WiFi speeds of 100+ Mbps. Therefore, you'll get to match and chat with your potential future love quicker.

And while you're at it, you might want to suggest to your date that you hike up Table Rock. The breathtaking views from the top will make just about anyone fall in love!

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Worst Cities for Singles to Find Love

Now that you know the best places to go if you are looking for love, let's discuss some of the places you should avoid.

1. Seattle, Washington

Although Seattle, Washington has a cozy and laid-back vibe, it surprisingly is not a great city for dating. Here's why: 

  • Seattle is known for its constant terrible weather, which will surprisingly affect the dating scene tremendously. The continual gloom leads to high rates of depression and lower rates of interaction. 
  • People in sunny cities are happier and more outgoing, which helps when you are looking to date. Seattle is rated as the 5th loneliest city in America, which is a huge red flag. 
  • Locals have reported that men in Seattle do not ask out women, which could be explained by the traditional Northern European reserve, where men are too polite to approach women or pursue them. 
  • Another reason singles have lousy luck in Seattle is the high number of men in the city. Most of those men either work at Amazon or tech companies, creating a lack of diversity and options. 

Locals also report the population as being extremely materialistic and income-driven. If you meet someone at a party or while out, your first question will likely be about your profession, and you will quickly get judged. 

With bad weather and bad dating, Seattle may not be the best spot for singles to look.

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2. Houston, Texas

With its neighbor Austin ranking so high on our list of the best cities to find love, it might come as a surprise that Houston is one of the worst. Houston is one of the lowest because of its high costs, high amounts of married people, and few entertainment options. 

Houston was found to have 64 restaurants and 26 entertainment spots per 100,000 people. This number is much lower than the country's average rate of 78 restaurants and 26 entertainment options per 100,000 people. 

The cost of a date in Houston is around $109.62 for dinner and a movie. This rate is slightly less than the national average of $112.53, but it is still quite expensive. 

Here are some more cons about dating in Houston: 

  1. Most of the people in Houston are there for school or work, so many people do not end up staying. If you get a job offer or a transfer somewhere else, get ready for a long-distance relationship or a breakup. 
  2. The weather in Houston is less than predictable, with massive rainstorms coming out of nowhere, making date plans difficult. Not to mention, hurricane season is a real thing, making dating a bit tough. Additionally, outdoor recreation activities are limited. 
  3. The food scene in Houston isn't one for the classy date type. It is messy. Ribs, chicken fried steaks, BBQ, curries, burgers, and other greasy treats all make for a less-than-impressive date night. 
  4. With an inadequate public transportation system, meeting people is not easy. Houston is a commuter city, so you won't be bumping into anyone on the subway or running into a lover on the streets. Meeting up with people that don't live close is unlikely to work out, too, given the traffic. 

A large commuter city with a small pool of singles makes Houston a less-than-perfect place for a young single to look for love. 

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3. New York City, New York

New York City is another surprising city to make it on our list of the worst cities in America to find love. It ranked 26 out of 150 on one survey for the best cities for singles. 

New York City is a hub for dining, entertainment, activities, diversity, and romance. Why, then, did it rank so low?

  • It can be so challenging to get from one side of the city to the other. If you live in different boroughs of NYC, taking a subway to get from one place to another can take hours, multiple trains, and more. 
  • Living mere miles from each other can feel like a long-distance relationship. Additionally, if you live in some places like Bushwick or Williamsburg, you can only access them by rideshare or car since the subway does not run to some areas. 
  • People in New York City are very private. The locals will usually have their headphones on, head in a book, or you can see them scrolling through their phones. Casually starting a conversation with a cute person on the train or in a coffee shop is surprisingly rare.

Although New York City is big on dating apps, meeting someone in person is difficult. Your options are limited to work and bars. 

Workers run New York City. People here are busy and businesses-oriented. Finding time for dating is difficult for many people, and matching up your busy schedules to meet up is difficult. 

Finally, New York City is expensive! Although there are almost unlimited dining and entertainment options, you have to be ready to spend a lot. One drink can often be upwards of $15, and trust me, that adds up quickly. 

Although New York is one of the most romantic cities in America, living there as a single individual can be challenging. The city is busy and private, making it one of the most complex cities to date in the US.  

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4. Wichita, Kansas

In the modern age where so many couples connect online, it's crucial to have plenty of safe areas for singles to meet up. Unfortunately, Wichita falls short of this.

Wichita has fewer cafes and bars than many other cities. So, even if you already trust the person with whom you'll be going on a date, there are fewer options for fun and exciting things to do that help with bonding on dates.

Below are some other reasons to avoid Wichita if your goal is to find love:

  • Only 36.9% of the population lives alone, which means Wichita either has many married couples or singles still relying on their parent's support.
  • It's a small enough city where people know each other. So, there's a decent chance you and your date could have mutual connections.
  • There's a higher chance your date could be a criminal. According to Neighborhood Scout, Wichita is safer than only 2% of other cities in the United States.
  • Some people feel they have exhausted all their dating options, so they end up traveling long distances to places like Kansas City and Tulsa to find a partner.

On the plus side, Wichita ranks #82 in the U.S. for having the cheapest taxi rides. That means if your date goes south, you can catch a ride for an average rate of $15.77.

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

Statistically, having access to a large available pool of singles is one of the most important factors for finding a date. 

Unfortunately, Charlotte fails at this since they rank #71 in the United States for its number of single residents.

Below are other reasons why Charlotte isn't a great city for dating.

  • In a survey performed by Axios Charlotte, participants complained that single men and women were too focused on their careers. So, people tend to look for hookups more than long-term relationships.
  • North Carolina has a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Approximately 889 out of every 100,000 people have an STD.
  • Nearly 52% of Charlotte's population is female, so men will have an easier time finding a partner than women.
  • The LTGB community may have more difficulty finding a partner. Charlotte ranks as one of the 50 largest metro areas in the United States, but its percentage of LGBT residents is lower than average. 

Needless to say, if your dream is to live in Charlotte, you're likely better off finding the man or woman of your dreams in another city. Then, you can move to Charlotte to raise your family together.

6. Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is beautiful, but beauty doesn't serve a single person well if the distance becomes an issue with their partner. 

There are two ways that distance can strain a single person trying to find love in Anchorage—the travel time to get to one another and the tourists who come and go.

One out of nine people in Anchorage works in the tourism industry. Therefore, if you start dating a local and they're a tour guide, they'll likely have long hours and may even be gone for days at a time leading treks. 

Needless to say, distance isn't the only issue that singles face when trying to date in Anchorage. Below are some other problems.

  • Absurdly high Lyft rates. Rideshares will cost you an average of over $20, which would pay for your and your date's meals in certain other cities.
  • The population is under 283,000. That doesn't offer a vast dating pool, especially considering that number includes couples and children.
  • Your dating app will fill with untouchable potentials. In 2019, the tourism rate increased by 2.5% for flight arrivals and a whopping 12% for cruises. That means by the time you match with a potential date, they may have already left.
  • Anchorage is over 23% more expensive than the average cost of living in the U.S.

Needless to say, you're likely better off saving a trip to Anchorage for your honeymoon after meeting your partner in a different part of the country.


Now that you know the best (and worst) places to go if you are looking for love, you may have some more questions about dating in general. It is not an easy task, and even in the best cities, it can be difficult. 

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions surrounding dating and finding love. 

How Much Does a Typical Date Cost?

A typical date night would include a medium-priced dinner for two, one bottle of wine to share, two movie tickets, then a 5-mile uber ride to get home. Here are the stats: 


Average Date Night Cost 

San Francisco, CA 

$143.00- America’s most expensive 

New York City, NY


Omaha, NA 

$83.00- America’s least expensive 

The average price in the United States came to $116.   

The moral of the story is that if you ask someone on a nice date, save up first!

What Are Some Common Date Activities by City?

Here is a list of some common date activities in some of America's most popular cities. You can use this to gauge if a town is proper for you, based on what kind of date you will likely get taken on. 

  • Los Angeles- Walking through Griffith Park to see a show at the planetarium
  • San Diego- Drinks and a play at the Old Globe in Balboa Park
  • Austin- Burgers at Hopdaddy's and mini-golf
  • Las Vegas- Stroll through the gardens at Ethel M Chocolate Factory
  • Seattle- Rock climbing or a Pink Floyd laser light show
  • Portland- Walk through a bookstore and stop for some coffee
  • St. Louis- A fun motorcycle ride along the river and dinner after
  • Detroit- A fun night at a comedy club
  • Pittsburgh- Taking an adrenaline-filled trip to the local Kennywood theme park
  • Philadelphia- Lunch at a cafe and a walk through a Museum
  • Salt Lake City- Pack your bag and head out on a hike

Depending on where you are, you can try out more than one of these dating options! 

Interesting Dating Statistics

Modern dating is difficult no matter where you are. Here are some exciting dating statistics that might help you step up your dating game and find the person you are destined to be with. 

  1. Within just four minutes, you can tell whether or not you are vibing or clicking with your partner.
  2. 70% of people in America say they have kissed on a first date.
  3. The average age to meet your spouse is 28.
  4. There are over 32 million Americans on a dating app right now. 
  5. San Francisco has the most single men per single woman. 
  6. Memphis, Tennessee, has the highest number of single women per single man.
  7. It is estimated that only 8% of couples meet through a dating app.
  8. Women's biggest turn-off is when a man constantly checks his phone.
  9. Almost half of the singles say that talking about past relationships will ruin the first date.
  10. Men have an average of six relationships before getting married, while women have an average of five relationships before getting married. 
  11. People that date for two years rather than one before marriage have a 20% less chance of divorce.
  12. People who meet on dating apps usually get married sooner than those who meet in person. 
  13. It takes about 90 days to determine if a relationship will be successful or if you should end it. 
  14. The five stages of dating are physical attraction, second-guessing the partner, becoming exclusive with them, becoming intimate, then finally getting into a committed relationship.

Keep these 14 dating facts in mind when going on your next date. 


There you have it, everything you need to know about which city you need to move to if you want to find love. 

Here is a recap of the best cities in America to find love and dating in:

  1. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Denver, Colorado
  4. Atlanta, Georgia

Here is a recap of the worst cities in America to find love and dating in:

  1. Seattle, Washington
  2. Houston, Texas
  3. New York, New York


Remember that the cities listed in this article are simply suggestions and that there is a chance for anyone to find their special someone in any city on earth. 

With an open mind, an open heart, and necessary patience, everyone has hope for love!