5 Best Dating Sites in Boise

By: Michele Baird
Updated: February 3, 2023
Couple dating in Boise

In this fast-paced world, it can be hard enough to squeeze in time for a proper meal, let alone try to find a romantic life partner. So to help things out, I’ve put together a list of what I found to be the best dating apps for those in Boise, Idaho.

Do you want to find a long-term partner? Are you a busy professional looking for someone with a similar lifestyle and career trajectory? Is it essential for you to date people who share your religious beliefs

Whatever you’re looking for in your romantic future, there’s a site for you to find it.

Top 5 Dating Apps in Boise

Have a look at these five sites, and you can decide for yourself which one best fits your needs.

1. eHarmony - Best Overall


Why does eHarmony garner top billing? Simply put, they have the best and most user-friendly site for finding life partners and long-term relationships.

For over 20 years, eHarmony has been using scientific methods to bring people together. Developed by psychologists, marriage counselors, and other relationship professionals, eHarmony matches people according to their deepest traits.

Not only does eHarmony have the highest rate of relationships that result in marriage, the lowest divorce, and the highest number of marriages of any dating site, they also guarantee that you’ll find a match.

Setting up your profile is free, and you receive matches immediately. Every day new matches arrive and continue arriving until you find the perfect match.

Another great thing about eHarmony is its user-friendliness. The site is easy to navigate and simple for you to set up a profile. It syncs seamlessly with the mobile app, which is also very intuitive and easy to use.

As if that weren’t enough, eHarmony boasts over 37 million users, including the largest community of seniors and Christian singles. With so many connections to make, it’s no wonder they are number one.

2. Elite Singles - Runner Up, Best Overall


For those of you who are career-minded, busy professionals, your time is at a premium. If you’re working your way up from the 4th to the 20th floor of the US Bank building in downtown Boise, you’ve got precious little time to spare for your love life.

It can be near impossible to take the time to find a good match for long-term dating and relationships, especially if you are looking for someone as busy and dedicated a professional as you are.

EliteSingles is explicitly geared for busy professionals. They use a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm that considers education, personality, relationship preferences, and other key factors to find suitable matches.

Nearly 80% of people on EliteSingles have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. That is nearly double the average for the Boise area.

It’s free to set up a profile, and they also offer expert advice on how to maximize your profile’s effectiveness for what you are looking for. Each day, Elite Singles will send you new matches in the Boise area, so you have plentiful opportunities to meet someone.

3. Silver Singles - Best for Senior Dating

Silversingles Online Dating Signup Page

It can be an intimidating proposition to get into the dating scene at any age. For mature adults, it can be even more so.

SilverSingles is specifically designed for those over 50 who are looking for serious relationships. Setting up a profile is free and easy to use on both the website and mobile app. They also offer expert help in setting up a profile as well as excellent customer support.

SilverSingles looks to connect people for long-term friendship, companionship, and romantic relationships. The site is specifically designed to cater to the senior demographic. You’ll find a safe and fun site to find someone to spend precious time with.

Matches will arrive immediately, and new people will be added daily. And as I mentioned above, customer support and expert help are always available to help provide the best possible experience.

4. Christian Cafe - Best for Faith-Based Dating

Christian Cafe signup page

ChristianCafe is a faith-based site that is perfect for those of you looking to start a relationship grounded in the teachings of Christ and the bible. It’s free to set up your profile and begin communicating with other singles on the site.

For over 20 years, ChristianCafe has successfully brought Christain Boisians together for long-term relationships and Christian marriages.

ChristianCafe considers things like your denomination, level of involvement in your church, and the more common personality and statistical information to generate matches for you.

ChristianCafe puts a significant emphasis on community, fellowship, and friendship, with chat rooms and other casual forums. This way, people can get to know one another before getting into a more serious commitment.

If a Christain-based relationship is fundamental to your dating life, ChristianCafe is worth a try.

5. Catholic Match - Best for Catholic Dating

Catholic Match

If you are looking for a relationship that is based on traditional Catholic values, then Catholic Match is the best site for you.

Catholic Match uses a person’s understanding of the Catholic faith as a cornerstone of their relationship profile along with the standard questionnaire. The goal is to bring compatible, like-minded people together in a traditional Catholic relationship and sacramental marriage.

Catholic Match is endorsed by a number of church leaders and is the largest Catholic dating site around, with over 1 million users. It’s free to get started with a profile and includes an easy-to-use mobile app.

Although it is a site focused on traditional Catholic values, it does not exclude divorcees or those who practice more liberal forms of Catholicism.


Which dating site has the highest success rate?

For long-term matchmaking and the number and percentage of marriages, eHarmony has the most success.

What is the best hookup site in Boise, ID?

If you are looking for something more casual in your matchmaking experience, I recommend AdultFriendFinder. They are a great resource for casual hookups and flings in the Boise area.

What is the best site for people over 50 or seniors?

For the senior community, SilverSingles is best suited for your needs. You will find a community where you fit in well and can relate with. eHarmony is also another good option.

Which is the best dating site for serious relationships?

Again, for people in Boise looking for a real, lasting, and serious relationship, eHarmony has it all. 

Boise Dating Scene: Facts and Figures

blue night sky over Boise Idaho

I’ve also done some research to see how Boise’s online dating scene stacks up to other cities across the U.S.

  • 52.2% of the population is single, 3% higher than the national average
  • Boise ranks in the top 10 US cities for dating on multiple lists
  • The median age in Boise is 35.9 years, evenly split between male and female

Free Dating Sites in Boise

All of the sites I’ve highlighted are free to set up your profile and start your dating journey. They are easy to use, can be used via websites or mobile apps, and have the highest quality and integrity to be found.

Whether you want a faith-based dating site, one that caters to your specific age or socio-economic status, or you’re simply looking for the right partner with whom to share your life, these sites will help you find what you are looking for.

Here are the free trial links for the most popular dating apps in Boise:



Free Trial Link




Elite Singles


Christian Cafe


Silver Singles


Catholic Match