5 Best Dating Sites in Ohio

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 20, 2023
Couple dating in Ohio

Online dating can be stressful. Even with all the information we have, we might still meet someone who could be incompatible for romance or friendship with us.

I've researched the best dating sites in Ohio, so I want to break them down below. Keep in mind that not all the apps I list will be for everyone. For instance, if you don't think you'll enjoy a strictly Catholic site or a site for corporate professionals, you don't have to.

Top 5 Dating Apps in Ohio

Below, you'll find some facts about the top five dating apps in Ohio.

1. eHarmony - Best Overall


eHarmony is ranked high on several top dating site lists, and it tops mine too. That's because it has an extensive signup process, which might sound like a drag, but it works to your advantage.

You fill out both a compatibility quiz and create a personality profile, and potential matches will be able to view these. You'll, in turn, see the profiles of all your matches, which the app will try to give you every day.

I've also had the best luck with eHarmony since the matches are pretty close to my profile and compatibility. I've also enjoyed reading the eHarmony blog about dating advice and dating ideas.

eHarmony is considered to be one of the best dating sites to check out if you are looking for a serious relationship or even marriage. If you are not satisfied or haven't found a match within three months, eHarmony will give you an additional three months free of charge.

2. Elite Singles - Runner Up, Best Overall


Don't worry. You don't have to be "elite" to use this app. However, it does have some interesting settings for looking for matches. Elite Singles gives you the chance to look through "professional" profiles, meaning they work as doctors, lawyers, engineers, or in a corporation.

The app even has a setting that allows you to "rich date" if you like looking for wealthy dates.

In short, if you're a corporate worker with a career that doesn't leave much room for romance, or if you're looking for your own CEO dream date, Elite Singles might work.

3. Christian Cafe - Best for Faith-Based Dating

Christian Cafe signup page

The title of this app should let you know what kind of people might like it. Indeed, much of your profile goes into how involved in your faith you are. The app will ask how often you go to church, what denomination you belong to, and so on.

Fortunately, it still does a lot of work matching you up with someone. You still take the quizzes and fill out the profile, all the while getting matches each day.

The site also offers you a free 10-day trial to see whether you want to buy the premium membership. In the end, though, it's still probably best for people who put a lot of stock in their Christian faith.

4. Silver Singles - Best for Senior Dating

Silversingles Online Dating Signup Page

Believe it or not, there are dating sites out there specifically for people over 50. SilverSingles is one such example, putting in just as much work as other dating sites.

Of all the dating sites for people over 50, it seems the most legit to me. Some sites, like OurTime, looked a little outdated, and I was slightly hesitant to sign up in that regard.

It's refreshing to me how SilverSingles emphasizes companionship more than romance. All it wants to do is give older people a chance to make new friends and meet a new love.

SilverSingles is definitely not an app for hookups because you have to put work into your profile. The site tries to emphasize your personality and life experiences: again, a very refreshing aspect of a dating site.

5. Catholic Match - Best for Catholic Dating

Catholic Match

Having a strong, practicing Catholic faith seems like the best way to enjoy Catholic Match. I don't think you need to have a solid faith to use it, but you'll happen upon people who want things like marriage and children. If you don't want those things, your luck might be slim.

Catholic Match seems to prefer that their users be active. If you don't use your account for six months, it'll get deleted. Same thing if you don't promote Catholic values. In other words, you'll have to stay on top of your account to remain a user.

While that seems like an extreme measure, it does help keep the database of potential matches up to date. The matches you receive will most likely have thoroughly thought-out profiles, and they're actively looking for someone.

The only downside is that you don't get messaging on a free account. Once your free trial is up, you'll have to pay for the premium plan.


You might have a few more questions about online dating in Ohio, so here are my answers.

Which dating site is best for serious relationships?

eHarmony is probably your best bet for finding a serious relationship. Several new profiles get created each day, increasing the pool of potential matches. If that sounds overwhelming, don't worry: your detailed personality profile should still keep those matches relevant to you.

What is the best hookup site in Ohio?

Right now, Adult Friend Finder is the best hookup site in Ohio. While you can find legitimate relationships on the site, it's the most casual dating site there is.

By "casual," I mean that you can say on your profile whether you want a casual and short fling or a serious relationship. That gives you the best shot of finding a comfortable and available hookup.

What is the best dating site for over 50 or seniors in Ohio?

Although SilverSingles is the most popular dating site for people over 50, SeniorSizzles is gaining traction in Ohio. I should point out that SeniorSizzles markets itself as a hookup site for seniors while still promoting your potential for companionship.

Which dating site has the highest success rate?

The answer to that question depends on your age group. In terms of general success rate, eHarmony once again takes that cake.

It does take a little time to develop your personality profile, but it's worth it to discover a potential partner.

Key Takeaways for Singles in Ohio

Ohio, USA skyline on the Scioto River

The good news for singles in Ohio is that, between all the attractions and the even gender ratio in Ohio cities, the possibility of finding love is pretty good. City living is also affordable for most people right now, and the cost of eating out or getting a taxi is low.

Are Ohio's Cities Good for Singles?

Based on data from a WalletHub report, Ohioan cities are currently ripe for dating. According to this same report, the city population consists of at least 70 percent singles.

As I said, these cities have a lot of entertainment, restaurants, and parks to take a date to. Again, the cost of going out to eat and getting a cab is not too expensive, either.

Free Dating Sites in Ohio

So many people are meeting each other through dating apps. It's pretty cool how we can create profiles and narrow down who to spend time with.

The good news about dating sites in Ohio is that they come with free trials. Sometimes, those free trials translate into free memberships.

We've talked about some of the sites with free trials, like eHarmony, SilverSingles, and Elite Singles. Others, such as Christian Cafe, and CatholicMatch, come with free trials too.

Here are the free trial links for the most popular dating apps in Ohio:



Free Trial Link




Elite Singles


Christian Cafe


Silver Singles


Catholic Match