eHarmony vs Tinder – Which One is Better in 2023?

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2023
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Dating websites are more popular than ever, especially eHarmony and Tinder.

I’ve tried both of these platforms and met interesting people, but these platforms are very different.

Read on to find out more about eHarmony vs. Tinder, what you should know, and which may be best for you.

At a Glance  

eHarmony and Tinder are very different, as Tinder is for casual dating, while eHarmony seeks serious, long-term relationships.

That’s why eHarmony is the better platform, as today’s “hook up” culture is not for everyone, which Tinder is known for.

However, you can find a relationship on Tinder, as everyone is different. Each platform has strengths and weaknesses, with each catering to certain audiences.

Key Points:

  • eHarmony requires users to fill out a lengthy questionnaire before signing up, while Tinder users can sign up with just a few clicks.
  • eHarmony matches users based on compatibility, while Tinder matches singles based on location and mutual interests.
  • eHarmony users tend to be older and more serious about finding a long-term relationship, while Tinder users tend to be younger and more interested in casual dating.
  • eHarmony has been shown to be more effective at matching users who are compatible and leads to more successful relationships, while Tinder is more popular and has more users.

Keep reading to discover eHarmony and Tinder features.

Tinder and eHarmony Comparison

This section will discuss the various elements of eHarmony and Tinder and who has the better features.  

1. Demographic Search

Demographics involve more than just age and gender, such as education, ethnicity, career, lifestyle, and other factors that make it easier to find a compatible partner. To some people, they may not matter. However, others who are serious about dating may find these attributes helpful.

Tinder states they run an “inclusive” model and do not allow height, education, religion, or race on their profiles, nor do they ask their users for this information.

Tinder believes that demographics should not define a person and gives everyone an equal chance to be seen since other sites filters users by education, height, race, etc.

eHarmony is the opposite, as they ask you every detail about yourself and allow you to define searches by what you’re looking for. As a result, you are more likely to find someone you find attractive as opposed to swiping endlessly.

eHarmony wins in this category, which is why many people pay for their membership and seek long-term relationships.

2. Matches

To find a potential partner, you need to be matched with someone based on criteria and location.

eHarmony asks you over 100 questions about yourself and what you want in a partner, called the Compatibility Quiz. You then receive a score that categorizes what’s most important to you and your potential partner. When you click on people’s profiles, you will see if you are compatible or not at all.

eHarmony also matches you by your location and gives you the closest people first. Although, you can choose to view others in different states or countries.

When you’re browsing matches on eHarmony, they base it on your score and personality results, essentially giving you a curated list.

Tinder is the opposite, known for its swiping feature. You do not answer any survey on Tinder, only upload a photo, write a small about me, where you work, and that’s it. On your Tinder profile, people can see your Spotify or Instagram, making you leave the platform to learn more about the person.

Tinder swiping action is also more vein, as you judge people by their photos and swipe left if you don’t like them, and swipe right if you do. Tinder swiping has become a cultural phenomenon, but it is not the best way to match potential life partners.  

If you want to see who swiped on you without endlessly swiping left or right, you will have to pay for a Tinder Gold subscription.

Tinder will sort people by their location and show you who is the closest. If you want to view international partners, you will have to pay for their Passport feature.

In terms of match-making, eHarmony wins because of its algorithm to find you the best compatible people.

3. Messaging and Communication

Messaging people on a platform allows you to build a connection and determine if that person is right for you.

On eHarmony, you can send “Smiles” to let someone know you’re interested in them before you message them. You can also engage in “Ice breakers” or “Greetings” to get their attention.

To send messages, you must become a premium member. Before you can chat with someone, their photos are blurred, protecting the user who would be a premium member.

This is one reason people like eHarmony, because of its privacy features. However, if you are browsing for free, you will have limited communication.

If you sign up for eHarmony’s membership, you will have unlimited messages. You can also engage in a video chat.

On Tinder, once you and another person “swipe right” on each other, meaning you are both interested, you can begin chatting. The messaging is unlimited and free, equipped with emojis and an option to video chat.

If you are swiping, find someone attractive, and want to get their attention, you swipe up to “Super Like” them.

From there, you will show up in their feed as they are swiping, letting them know they were Super Liked. However, they must swipe right on you to begin chatting. You are granted one free Super Like a month.  

Because Tinder messaging is unlimited for free users, they win in the messaging and communication category.

4. Premium Memberships

Paid memberships unlock features to make the dating experience easier and are for more serious users.

The eHarmony subscription membership model is as follows:

  • Premium Light: $55.90 per month for 6 months
  • Premium Plus: $35.90 per month for 12 months
  • Premium Extra: $25.90 per month for 24 months

Each plan gives you the same features, as the main difference is the subscription length. This means the longer you’re subscribed, the less you will pay, which can be beneficial as eHarmony has the highest prices on the market.

eHarmony premium memberships come with unlimited messaging, video chat, distance search, detailed personality profile, dedicated customer service, and more.

Tinder has the following paid plans:

  • Tinder Plus: $9.99 a month
  • Tinder Gold: $14.99 to $83 annually
  • Tinder Platinum: Price varies

Tinder’s pricing model is much more complicated, as those under 30 pay less than those over 30. It is also tier-based, meaning you must first choose Tinder Plus before getting to Tinder Gold. You must have Tinder Gold to get Tinder Platinum.

Tinder Plus allows you to get unlimited likes, five super likes a day, a free boost, and the Passport feature to view people in other countries. Tinder Gold allows you to see who liked you and new top picks daily. Tinder Platinum enables you to send messages before matching.

eHarmony wins despite its higher prices, as its features change the experience for the user.

5. Video Chat

With smartphone apps, you can easily video chat with someone on the platform, allowing you to determine if they are real and if they’re compatible.

Tinder allows free video chatting once you match with someone.

eHarmony also allows video chatting, but you must be a paid member. You can also use audio calls if you are too shy to use the camera, although video chatting is the fastest way to learn about someone.

Since Tinder makes it easy to video chat with someone, they win in this category.

6. Profiles

To learn more about someone, you can browse through their profile, which will say all of their interests and compatibility with you.

Tinder profiles are a weak spot for the platform, as they do not have any in-depth information about someone. It will have a person’s age, location, optional workplace, a small blurb, and connections to outside apps such as Spotify and Instagram.

The only worthy information is the person’s photo. Some people may upload more than one photo to give people a general idea of what they look like, but there is no information based on their personality.

Most people state what they are looking for, such as long-term relationships, hookups, or friends. As you are browsing, some people do not have any blurbs at all.

eHarmony profiles are much more in-depth, with countless information of the person’s compatibility with you because of its 100-question survey.

Each profile will also have intimate details about someone, such as their education, height, religion, lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking, and much more. You are also encouraged to write about yourself and what you want in a partner.

eHarmony wins regarding profiles because they allow their users to tell more about themselves, while Tinder is limited to about 100 characters. Also, eHarmony profiles have compatibility scores and user details that tell you more about a person.

7. Security

Online dating is fun, but it also has its pitfalls as you are essentially meeting strangers. Security is one aspect people take seriously to avoid meeting people who lie about their identity, known as “catfish.”

Tinder has the option to verify photos to ensure you are a real person. You take a photo of yourself and send it and receive a Verification badge in a few days. While people are browsing, you are more likely to be matched with someone if they know you are real.

Tinder created this feature because the app is known for having bots and fake profiles. The only way to ensure the person is real is by video chatting through the app or meeting in person at a public location.

Before, you could only sign up to Tinder with Facebook, verifying people's identity with a phone number. Today, you can sign up to Tinder without Facebook as long as you have a legitimate phone number. Despite using phone numbers, the app is filled with fake profiles.

eHarmony takes its security seriously, as only paid members can browse profiles. More than likely, the people on eHarmony are also paid members, showing they are serious about finding someone online.

You can also sign up with eHarmony using Facebook, but it is not mandatory.

Someone is less likely to fake their identity if they subscribed, paying eHarmony’s hefty membership fees.

If you are being harassed, eHarmony will take care of it, and you can block them. Tinder also allows you to block users, but with its 50 million user base, it may take longer to remove the person from the platform.

Overall, eHarmony wins because they protect people’s identities unless they’re a paid member.

8. Functionality

A website or app’s function can enhance a user’s experience if they know how to navigate the platform.

Tinder is a relatively easy app to use, and it is only available on mobile for Apple or Android. Once you log in, your feed is updated daily with people closest to your location, and you begin browsing.

eHarmony began as a website and is still functional as a site on a computer, despite also having an app for Android and Apple devices. The website is more friendly towards those who may not have a smartphone, especially seniors.

On both Tinder and eHarmony, you can use video chat through their apps.

eHarmony wins in terms of functionality because it’s more versatile.

9. User Base

Depending on your age group, you may find a match quicker if you use the right platform.

Tinder is notoriously known for the younger age groups, around the 18 to 29 demographic. However, recently it was revealed the 30-44 age group uses Tinder more than the 18 to 29 group, citing a shift. Older adults from 45 to 64 are now joining Tinder and are roughly 14% of the base.

Interestingly enough, Tinder’s active monthly user base is 75.8% males and 24.2% females. Meaning, if you wanted to find a male partner, Tinder would be an easy choice. If you are male, you will have lots of competition and less likely matches.

eHarmony is much more balanced, consisting of 51% females and 48% males. Since its inception, eHarmony has been known for older age groups. Today, the 30 to 44 age group is their most active base, as 18 to 29 and 55 to 64 are right behind.

eHarmony is the clear winner regarding its user base, as it’s fairer regarding age and gender.

eHarmony vs. Tinder: The Winner

Overall, eHarmony is the best dating site as it’s more secure and for those seeking a serious relationship.

If you want to meet someone right away for casual dating, hooking up, or networking, Tinder may be the right option for you. However, if you want a long-term relationship, eHarmony is the best choice.

Join eHarmony today to explore and find the love of your life!