eHarmony vs Plenty of Fish – Which One is Better in 2024?

By: Michele Baird
Updated: June 17, 2024
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Many are unsure which to sign up for when it comes to two popular dating platforms: eHarmony and Plenty of Fish.

I’ve explored these dating sites and what they have to offer. As a result, I’ve found that only one of these platforms is worth checking out and paying for its services.

Key Points:

  • Both eHarmony and Plenty of Fish (POF) are free to join dating websites, but they aren’t the same. POF is more for casual dating, while eHarmony attracts more serious people.
  • eHarmony has a more extensive questionnaire for users to fill out when signing up, while Plenty of Fish only has a basic questionnaire.
  • eHarmony uses a compatibility matching system to connect users, while Plenty of Fish relies on a user's stated preferences to make matches.
  • eHarmony has been rated the top trusted dating website over POF, especially considering that POF has issues with bots and people who lie about their identity, called catfish.
  • While there are issues with POF, it does have its advantages over eHarmony. However, eHarmony also makes its case against POF as a better site with its features and experience.

eHarmony vs. POF: Detailed Comparison

This section will discuss the comparisons between eHarmony and POF and which has the better features.

1. Questionnaire

Dating sites ask questions to compare with others to find potential matches. POF requires you to fill out a profile and ask a few questions, but it isn’t extensive.

eHarmony is known for its Compatibility Quiz, which asks about 100 questions before you can browse matches. The questions ask about your goals, habits, lifestyle, and what you look for in a partner. After completion, you are given a unique compatible score, which is used to find potential matches.

When you land on someone’s profile, you will see their score, personality, and more produced from the quiz and how it matches with you—making eHarmony a clear winner with questionnaires.

2. Premium Memberships

Dating sites have premium memberships and virtual currencies to unlock features to get the most out of their platforms.

POF offers a subscription, tokens, and Live credits. POF offers the following:

  • 1 month for $19.99
  • 3 months $39.00
  • 8 months $80.00
  • 12 months $83.88
  • Tokens: 1 for $1.99, 5 for $9, 10 for $16.90
  • Live Credits: 5,000 credits for $7, 20,000 credits for $13, 50,000 for $27, etc.

POF premium memberships allow others to see who viewed their profile, who liked them, 16 photos, username change, and new users in the area called “First Look.”

eHarmony offers the following memberships:

  • Premium Light for 6 months: $55.90 per month
  • Premium Plus for 12 months: $35.90 per month
  • Premium Extra for 24 months: $25.90 per month

eHarmony premium memberships allow unlimited messaging, photos, matches, video dating, viewed you, detailed personality profiles, and dedicated customer service. Read more about eHarmony membership and pricing details on this page.

While eHarmony is known for its high-end prices, it’s important to note that POF also comes with various expenses besides its premium memberships, which can add up.

Unlike POF, eHarmony does not offer a virtual currency or anything other than their membership, which means you’re getting the best value for your money. This gives eHarmony an edge over POF.

3. Messaging

Communication is part of finding out if someone’s a potential match, making messaging a critical feature.

POF offers unlimited messaging when you sign up for free. To view if the message has been read or deleted, you must pay with tokens. If you want your message to appear at the top of someone’s inbox for 29 days, you must also pay with tokens.

eHarmony’s free sign-up offers limited messaging. However, with a premium membership, you can message people unlimitedly.

4. Matches

To meet someone, you must match with them based on your location and interests.

POF lets you view matches through their “Meet Me” feature, where you can swipe through potential partners. The Nearby feature will enable you to see people as close as 1 mile to you.

After you complete eHarmony’s compatible survey, you are given matches. However, you need a membership to see all of their photos. For some, this may be a nuisance, while others see this as a great security feature.

Since eHarmony is more restrictive, POF has the edge as users can view more users daily.

5. Live Video Streaming

If you’re on social media, you will notice many platforms having “live streaming.” For example, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook allow you to stream live, where people can watch and send messages.

Plenty of Fish has a live-streaming feature, which is peculiar for a dating website. However, it shows that POF is more casual with this social network feature.

On the other hand, eHarmony does not provide this feature. Unless you are looking for this feature, you may not find live streaming helpful. If you are interested in making multiple connections for networking as opposed to a date, POF may have the upper hand.

However, the live video feature offers virtual speed dating and blind dates, which can make your experience more thrilling.

Since you do not have to pay for this feature on POF, this gives the platform an edge. Users can send gifts to live streamers, which boosts their member status and makes them eligible for cash rewards via Live credits.

6. Video Chatting

Dating has many hurdles, and one of them is falling victim to “catfishing.” Additionally, video chatting is a great way to assess compatibility before meeting in person, saving you lots of time.

POF offers one-on-one private video chats through their “Live!” video streaming feature.

eHarmony offers video chatting when you land on someone’s profile with a premium membership.

Both video chatting features are helpful, but eHarmony has the edge as it’s more personal. You also are not persuaded to buy credits that come with POF’s “Live! platform.

eHarmony vs. POF: The Winner

Between eHarmony and POF, eHarmony provides a simple platform for serious dating, making it a better dating website.

POF may be a better option if you want more networking connections or casual dating in your area. However, those who are more private and want a serious relationship should consider eHarmony.

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