10 Online Dating Tips for Women Who Like Women

By: Michele Baird
Updated: July 19, 2021

I’ve explored multiple dating websites and scoured the dating scene as a woman who likes other women.

It’s essential to know the game, what to expect, and how to increase your chances of finding a love interest.

Keep reading our guide about online dating tips for women who like women to find a partner today!

Advice for Women Who Like Women:

Dating online as a woman who likes other women can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 15 online dating tips for women who like women to help find romantic connections.

1. Use Reputable Dating Websites

Using a trustworthy dating website is an important first step to ensure to meet real women.

At times, men may pretend to be women with predatory tendencies.

Dating sites such as eHarmony have a strict verification process and video chat, giving you confidence the person you’re messaging is real.

Also, dating websites like eHarmony have personality tests and compatibilities quizzes to match you with other people who have the same interests and goals as you.

eHarmony has the most extensive online personality survey to date, with over 100 questions and a compatibility chart to match you with others who have the same interests.

With reputable dating websites, you don’t have to guess if someone has the wrong intentions.

2. Be Yourself

It’s the most common advice given in the dating scene—be yourself.

Depending on the type of woman you are seeking and her experience, she may not know what to expect.

When you allow your personality to shine or dress how you want, you set the tone and give them a first impression.

If she likes what she sees, finds your personality charming, and wants to get to know you more, it’s a significant first step to creating a meaningful connection, leading to romance.

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3. Know What You Want

Online dating is filled with people looking for a casual relationship.

To avoid meeting women who are not looking for a serious relationship, establish that from the start.

Most likely, your dating profile will ask, “What are you seeking?” From there, you can look through other women who are looking for a relationship.

You can mention in your profile description you are also seeking a long-term relationship.

4. Know Your Labels

If you’re a woman who is attracted to other women, you’ll need to be familiar with LGBT+ terminology and your own identity.

There are many labels for women who like women, such as lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, genderfluid, non-binary, and more. 

While some people don’t like to label themselves, it can make the dating scene easier. For example, some lesbians prefer to be with women who strictly identify as other lesbians. 

Establishing your orientation can make it easier to look through other profiles who label themselves bisexual, lesbian, or other indications they are women who like women.

Plus, knowing (and being open about) your own labels can save you some heartache later on if it turns out that a potential partner isn’t open to dating your brand of the rainbow.

5. Avoid Couples

Unless you want to be with a couple, women who like women find themselves targets for couples looking for a “unicorn.”

The couples tend to be a man and a woman. While you can meet another woman through a couple, it does not guarantee a long-term relationship filled with romance unless you’re polyamorous and are also attracted to men.

6. Expect a Faster Pace

Men and women tend to take it slower than women who like women, as the risk of pregnancy may arise.

However, there is a 0% chance of two cis women having a child, meaning the pace of the relationship may start to speed up.

A Stanford study revealed female to female (FF) relationships went from relationship to cohabitation quicker than male and female relationships.  

Overall, dating online and meeting someone may mean finding a romantic partner sooner than you think, especially as a woman who likes other women.

7. Take Advantage of Dating Website Features

Many dating websites today have a vast amount of features to meet and match with someone.

Some features to consider include:

  • Search by distance: Look for women who are closer to you. Depending on where you live, it may be more difficult. However, begin with “Nearby,” a feature that shows you people within five miles of you. If there is no one available, expand outwards to as far as you can drive.

  • Pokes, Likes, Super Likes: Many dating sites allow you to send an emoticon or a “poke” to get their attention.

  • Messaging: Most dating websites allow you to message someone to spark up a conversation and get to know them. It is important to always send messages and be responsive to show you’re interested.

  • Video chat: Before you meet someone online, video chat with them to “feel them out.” If you have a deeper connection after video chatting, a romantic relationship may happen.

8. Search Through Dating Websites Daily

It may seem like a lot of work, but consider browsing through potential matches daily.

Every day thousands of people join dating websites, especially those who identify as LGBT+. This increases your chances of finding a serious partner.

For example, Pew Research found that lesbian, gay, or bisexual adults are twice as likely to use dating websites compared to straight adults.

While women who like women are a smaller percentage of the population, they are more likely to be on dating websites, increasing your chances of finding a dating partner.  

9. Exchange Social Media Profiles

Once you’re talking to another woman, share each other’s social media. Instagram or TikTok can showcase your personality more than online messages.

10. Exchange Phone Numbers

After talking online to another woman through dating websites, it’s time to transition to using mobile phone numbers.

Exchanging numbers takes the connection further and off of the platform. You may find yourself FaceTiming or talking with them all night before (and after) meeting them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read our online dating tips for women who like women—start exploring today!

It’s essential to sign up for reputable websites, like eHarmony, that care about security and safety. Also, beware of signs the person may be a “catfish” and always meet in public spaces.  

Lastly, don’t forget to be yourself and relax, as she is just as nervous as you are!