5 Best Dating Sites in North Carolina

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 20, 2023
Couple dating in North Carolina

Finding love in North Carolina can be intimidating, especially when you’re dating online. There are so many sites to choose from, and not every dating site will suit your needs.

That’s why I’m here. I understand the struggle, so I’ve compiled a list of the best dating sites in North Carolina. These are sites that you can trust.

Top 5 Dating Apps in North Carolina

The following best dating sites in North Carolina guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for, whether it be marriage, a long-term partner, or a casual date.

1. eHarmony - Best Overall


eHarmony is arguably the most popular dating site on the market. That’s because it works! eHarmony has the highest percentage of marriages among members of any dating site.

eHarmony is for singles looking for a serious, long-term relationship. 

What sets eHarmony apart from the rest is its ability to match you with partners based on your personality.

eHarmony requires you to fill out a lot of personal information to create a personality profile, which uses an algorithm to generate your best possible matches.

The whole process provides you with a personalized dating experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Not only that, but eHarmony does all of the work for you, so all you need to do is chat with your matches.

eHarmony also excels in customer service. They guarantee that if you are unhappy with your matches after your first three months with eHarmony, then your next three months are free.

2. Elite Singles - Runner Up, Best Overall


EliteSingles is a dating site catered toward adults with an educated, professional background.

All dating profiles go through a vetting process to ensure their authenticity.

EliteSingles uses a lengthy personality test to determine your best possible matches, then provides you with anywhere from 3 to 7 matches per day.

Their goal is to unite like-minded academic individuals. EliteSingles ensures that the quality of its members is better than any other dating site.

EliteSingles is not made for casual dating or hookups. The website’s main objective is to provide you with a long-term, committed relationship.

The website provides you with the ability to sort your matches by your personal preferences, like age, height, or distance, for example.

3. Christian Cafe - Best for Faith-Based Dating

Christian Cafe signup page

ChristianCafe is independent and Christian-owned, so if you are looking to find a partner who will share your Christian faith and values, this dating site is an excellent option for you.

ChristianCafe matches you with fellow Christians based on your personality, and it finds partners for you based on topics like your level of faith and denomination.

ChristianCafe has been pairing single Christians since 1999, making it one of the oldest active dating sites.

There’s a reason it’s held up so well. ChristianCafe has been responsible for over 25,000 marriages.

ChristianCafe works as more than just a dating site. It also features chat rooms and forums for Christians to seek fellowship and conversation.

This site offers a full 10-day free trial of their product, so you can get a good feel for the website and how well it will work for you before your subscription.

4. Silver Singles - Best for Singles 50 and Older

Silversingles Online Dating Signup Page

SilverSingles has been around for close to two decades and is a site dedicated to singles who are 50 and older.

There’s no pressure for commitment. This website is great for finding casual hookups, friends, or a serious relationship if that’s what you’re looking for.

Some great features of SilverSingles include professional coaching to help you achieve the perfect dating profile and a homepage where everything you need to see is readily available.

SilverSingles is an easy-to-use, senior-friendly website. It coaches you through creating an account and signing up, so there’s no guesswork.

Its convenient design allows you to view everything on the same homepage, so there’s no need to search to find your matches or your messages.

5. Catholic Match - Best for Single Catholics

Catholic Match

If you are looking for help finding a partner who is strong in their Catholic beliefs, look no further. Catholic Match is the most popular Catholic dating site in the world.

Catholic Match caters exclusively to people who are very adamant about finding a Catholic partner and having a sacramental marriage.

To get started, Catholic Match will ask you a series of questions about your personal life, background, and your faith. This process helps ensure that you find a compatible partner.

Not only does Catholic Match act as a dating website, but there are blogs and discussion forums available for members on the site as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I’ve covered the best dating apps in North Carolina, I’m sure you have some questions. 

Fear not, because I have answers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about finding love in North Carolina. 

Which Dating Site is Best for Serious Relationships?

Overall, eHarmony is the best dating site if you’re looking for a serious relationship. 

What Is the Best Hookup Site in North Carolina?

If you’re looking to find a hookup partner without any strings attached, I recommend Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder makes it easy to find commitment-free, casual partners in your area.

What Is the Best Dating Site for Seniors in North Carolina?

SilverSingles is my choice for singles 50 and older. The site is super easy to use and has an excellent reputation for helping older seniors find the partners they’re looking for.

Which Dating Site has the Highest Success Rate?

eHarmony has by far the highest success rate among dating sites.

eHarmony is responsible for nearly 4% of all marriages in the US. It’s estimated that around 438 people get married every day thanks to eHarmony.

The divorce rate for couples who met using eHarmony is drastically lower than the national average. eHarmony’s is just 3.86% compared to the national average of around 50%.

Key Takeaways for Singles in North Carolina

North Carolina, USA downtown skyline at dusk

There are several great dating sites available for singles in North Carolina. It’s important to know what these dating sites entail so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

Be sure to sit down and think about what kind of relationship you are looking for before signing up on any of these dating sites. That way, you will know precisely how to fill out your profile.

Also, take into account your personal views and beliefs.

For example, if you are Christian or Catholic, and your faith is fundamental to your relationship, then you may want to sign up for one of the sites that cater to your faith.

Are North Carolina’s Cities Good for Singles?

North Carolina’s cities are some of the best in the nation for singles.

A recent study ranked 100 of the nation’s biggest and best cities for singles in the US, and North Carolina had five cities that made the cut: Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Durham!

In What North Carolina City is Online Dating Most Popular?

Based on google search traffic results, online dating is most prevalent in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Free Dating Sites in North Carolina

There are many free dating apps or websites that you can use as well.

The following websites either have free features or offer free trial periods for you to test out their dating site without paying.

Here are the free trial links for the most popular dating apps in North Carolina:



Free Trial Link




Elite Singles


Christian Cafe


Silver Singles


Catholic Match