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By: Michele Baird
Updated: February 10, 2021
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I have heard a surprising number of people ask what a sugar daddy is. A sugar daddy is simply a wealthy, older, and distinguished gentleman interested in becoming a benefactor to a beautiful woman. If the lady agrees, the gentleman becomes her sugar daddy.

The gentleman is also her friend and mentor. The majority of sugar babies are in the prime of their lives, and absolutely gorgeous. At this point, you are most likely wondering if there is a proverbial catch. This is dependent on the terms reached by the gentleman and the sugar baby.

If you are only interested in companionship or dating, there is no catch. If you are interested in making a special proposal or asking for sexual favors, you need to discuss your desires with the sugar baby of your choice. SugarDaddie provides both sugar daddies and sugar babies with a unique, original, and high volume online site.

I have found this dating site is just as ideal for ladies interested in finding a generous and devoted sugar daddie as it is for the sugar daddies themselves. SugarDaddie was created in 2002. The site now offers you more than five million users from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Member Structure

SugarDaddie was created for diverse personalities and ages. When I searched the profiles, I found members of every age. The majority of active members are gentlemen between the ages of 35 and 55, and young ladies in their 20's. There will always be a few members interested in nothing more than a brief love affair.

I also found a lot of successful bachelors interested in romance with a lovely single woman of approximately the same age. I even discovered some exceptionally beautiful sugar moms looking for gorgeous sugar boys to lavish their attention on. The common denominator between all of the members is quality.

When I randomly searched the SugarDaddies site, I found incredibly sexy and charismatic ladies in a variety of professions. This includes performers, models, students, and more traditional day jobs. The men are ambitious, wealthy, and good looking. The reason I found them interesting was their capabilities and confidence.

Honest Review of Sugar Daddie

Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for SugarDaddie is simple. I only needed about ten minutes to complete my required profile information. I was not able to use my Facebook account for this process. You will need some patience because the section for personal details is required.

You start by entering a valid email address. You will then receive an email from SugarDaddie with a link. Click on the link so your registration can be activated. You will now be taken back to the official site. This is when you need to answer the required questions.

The questions include your age, hobbies, annual income, and your country of residence. SugarDaddie additionally requires a brief description and introduction to your profile. You must provide accurate information or risk your profile becoming discontinued.

Once you have uploaded your primary photo, a moderator from the site must review your picture prior to actually being posted on the site. The idea is to ensure your photo is genuine and meets the acceptability requirements.

Making Contact

You will find a few ways to contact other members, but you are unable to receive or send messages for free. You can search profile lists to find members of interest. You are not limited in the number of profiles you can search. There is also a good match feature enabling you to connect with the other members.

When you find a member of interest, you simply send them a message. You have the option of using the instant messaging feature or sending a message through email. Neither of these options is free. You want to purchase the premium membership to make connections with either sugar daddies or sugar babies.

The site does not offer virtual gifts or winks. I appreciated this because SugarDaddie members are not on the site to wink at one another. The website is intended for people interested in offering or providing benefits to the members of their choice.

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Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles is excellent, despite the basic profile information available. There is enough information to know if the member is what you are looking for simply by reading the profile. I was able to immediately determine exactly what each member was hoping to find.

Every member has the ability to view all of the completed profiles. I found the profile details I reviewed were accurate. Inaccurate profiles will be discontinued. If you are a standard member, you can still use the full-view to see the profile photos. You can update your profile any time you choose.

You can upload a maximum of 12 photos, but the moderators must review your primary photo. Every new user is required to complete the information requested for their profile for registration. This means finding an incomplete profile is rare. Most of the profiles I viewed listed a wide range of hobbies.

I found the hobbies of each member a good way to determine if I had anything in common with the member. You can change or update the details of your profile at any time. I strongly believe the foundation of an exceptional dating site is an exciting and complete profile. SugarDaddie delivered beautifully regarding this aspect.


SugarDaddies provides members with a nice selection of features. The features I enjoyed the most are outlined below.

Member Forums:

The website was created to enable members to have intimate conversations. If you prefer to begin with a more casual conversation, I recommend checking out the SugarDaddie forums. You will find quite a few users in the forums discussing numerous different topics with the other members.

During the times I visited the forums, I found conversations regarding dating, amazing vacations, classic cars, work, and even what was happening in the daily lives of the members. You have the option of answering forum posts created by another member, or beginning a conversation of your own. I took advantage of both options.

Instant Messenger:

The best way I found to learn about another member is the live chat feature. I discovered a lot about the other members based on the answers I received while talking. Yes, you can also communicate through email. I did not find this option nearly as informative as live chat.

I figured out how to use the live chat feature almost immediately. The format is very similar to the text-based methods available for chats and instant messenger. My recommendation is to send a couple of messages to learn a little more about the member, then use live chat to really learn about them.

Profile Score:

SugarDaddie provides you with high-quality profiles to ensure you receive the best experience possible. I recommend filling out all of the information you can for your profile. You need to be thorough to obtain a good quality score from the site. Your score is based on how well you complete your profile.

If you are not satisfied with your score, you can upgrade your profile or add more information at any time to strengthen your profile. This will improve your score. Your profile contains eight categories. You will achieve the highest score by completing all eight categories and becoming a premium member.

Your score will consistently improve as you perform a variety of actions on the site such as visiting the forum or sending messages to some of the other members.


You will receive potential matches from SugarDaddie to help you evaluate the other members quickly. I did not need much time to determine which members were a good option for my needs. As you view each match, you narrow down the best options just by clicking no or yes.

Excellent Etiquette:

One of the first discoveries I made is both men and women have excellent manners. The gentlemen interested in meeting a lady are very polite. The gentlemen may live glamorous and exciting lives, but they know who to treat a lady. Despite being on SugarDaddie numerous times, I never encountered any rudeness among the members.

Customer Service

The offices for SugarDaddie are located in the United Kingdom in Kent, and in the United States in Florida. If you experience any issues or require assistance, there is a customer helpline available. I called customer service to see how I was treated. The representative I spoke with was friendly, polite, and knowledgeable.

SugarDaddie stands behind the services offered, the representatives are well-qualified to answer questions, and I found the mixture of professionalism and friendliness ideal.

Ease Of Use

The design of the website is excellent. The site is done in a combination of gold and black. This signifies mystery, authority, and power. I found all of the fonts and icons both straightforward and classic. I felt reassured when I learned SugarDaddie was established nearly 15 years ago.

The site is user-friendly, simple, and practical. All of the pages loaded smoothly. I love the fact SugarDaddies does not use any distracting advertisements including pop-ups. I find this type of advertising extremely annoying. After my first visit to the site, I understood why SugarDaddie is exciting, popular, and trustworthy.

Safety And Security

The safety of the members is very important to SugarDaddie. An anti-scam system is in place to make certain most of the profiles are completely legitimate. I like the idea that any member not thoroughly completing their profile can be removed from the website by SugarDaddie.

I never found a profile I did not believe was legitimate. SugarDaddie tells you upfront you must answer all of the questions. This is how the site finds potentially fake profiles. Not completing the required information places you at risk of being removed.

All of the user activity and profiles are continuously monitored by SugarDaddie. If a member appears suspicious, the site has the right to ban the member. The verification process makes certain all members have uploaded a genuine photo. No members can see any photos prior to verification.

This means you can be certain every photo you see has been verified as genuine by the website. SugarDaddie has no tolerance for fake photos.


In order to interact with all of the different members, you will need to purchase a paid subscription. This enables you to use all the interaction and communication features including the SugarDaddie forum, messaging system, and instant messenger. You will also be able to obtain a quality score.

Your score tells other members your profile is good. Depending on the length of time you intend to remain a member, four different pricing options are available. Your payment options are:

  • Membership for 12 months is available for $169.99. This amount must be paid in full. Your monthly cost is $14.16.
  • Membership for six months is available for $134.99. This amount must be paid in full. Your monthly cost is $22.49.
  • Membership for three months is $79.99, including the one-time fee. This amount must be paid in full. Your monthly cost is $26.66.
  • You can also purchase a membership for just one month for $39.99.

Pros And Cons


  • The membership base is large.
  • You can see the members currently online.
  • Using the site is very easy and you have the ability to block members.
  • SugarDaddie places safety first and you can view the most recent members easily.
  • Profile searches only require a single click.


  • SugarDaddie does not offer a mobile app or site.
  • No verification of a member's income
  • Free members are unable to use the majority of the features including messaging.

Mentioned In The Media

 Around the world, has appeared on shows like Dr. Phil within the US, and it has been seen on Richard and Judy in the United Kingdom. In fact, they have been on Dr. Phil twice. The website has been doing wealthy matchmaking since 2002, and the singles on this site are looking for people who understand what they have to offer another person. Because of this exposure in the media, SugarDaddie has attracted a lot of attention, and they developed a reputation for being known as a millionaire dating site.

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Final Verdict

SugarDaddie is an excellent option for meeting either sugar babies or sugar daddies. You should not have a problem finding the kind of arrangement you are interested in due to the compatibility ensured by the millions of members. I found the website very active, receiving a response from the members I contacted within a couple of days.

The communication methods are not only effective, but they are simple as well. You can make contact with other members by looking at your matches, or by actively searching through the profiles. Making a connection is extremely simple. I found all of the features easy to use. There are more than enough features for a connection.

The safety features help ensure your safety when you are on the website. You can be certain you are meeting legitimate members searching for the same thing as you. I recommend SugarDaddie for both sugar babies and sugar daddies interested in establishing a connection.


Q: How Popular Is

A: With more than five million members all over the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, SugarDaddie is an extremely popular website. Roughly 2,500 members log into the dating site on a daily basis. When I sent messages, I received a response in just one to two day days.

Q: What Does Sugar Baby Mean?

A: A sugar baby is an individual interested in a romantic liaison offering different types of benefits for entering into the relationship. These benefits often include gifts and cash.

Q: Is The Registration For Free?

A: Yes, you will not have to pay to sign up with SugarDaddie. The only information you are required to provide is a valid email. I found the process extremely straightforward and simple.

Q: Is It Possible For Non-Paying Members To View Photos Of The Members?

A: Yes, even if you are a basic user, you can still see the photo galleries for all of the other members.

Q: How Many Photos Can A Member Upload?

A: Each member can upload a maximum of 12 photos. This enables you to offer the other members an accurate representation of yourself. You can also see numerous views of the other members through the assortment of photos available.

Q: Is It Possible To Remove Or Add Details For My Profile?

A: Yes, you can remove or add details quickly and easily. Open the tab for your profile, find My Profile, and click. You are now able to make changes or edit your profile for numerous specific fields. Click on Submit Changes, and everything you have done is saved. You can make changes at any time.

Q: Is It Possible For Certain Profiles To Be Blocked?

A: Yes, all you need to do is open the profile you want to be blocked, find Block User, and click. If you want to unblock the member, find Blocked Members under the mail tab and click.

Q: Is There A Mobile Application To Download?

A: No mobile application is currently available for iOS or Android. SugarDaddie can be accessed through your mobile browser. I found the display exceptionally user-friendly.

Q: How Do I Upload Photos?

A: Go to the My Photos tab, find add photos, then click. Choose the photos you want to use from your computer, then click Save.

Q: Is There A Way To Report Misconduct For A Specific User?

A: You can report both violence and bad behavior by opening the profile you intend to report. Find Report User, then click.

Q: How Does SugarDaddie Ensure The Profiles Are Authentic?

A: SugarDaddie makes safety a high priority. The anti-scam system is in place to make certain almost every profile is legitimate. Every new user is sent an email from SugarDaddie containing a link to click for verification and activation of the profile.

Q: How Can I Pay For My Subscription?

A: SugarDaddie accepts credit cards. You can make a payment by calling customer service, or by email. Your payment is billed anonymously as This is how your payment will appear on your credit card statement.

Conclusion of Review

Overall, it is a good site and highly affordable. If you are interested in joining SugarDaddie, why not subscribe and try it out to see for yourself. Joining is one of the best ways to find out. Experience it for yourself!

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