How Safe Is eHarmony? An In-Depth Analysis

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 25, 2022

We all have that one friend that is all about online dating. They swear by it and won’t stop talking about it. They insist that you create an account, set up a profile, and find your one true love. Yet, you might have your doubts about whether or not it’s safe. 

People often tout eHarmony as the go-to online dating source, but is eHarmony safe to use? 

Is eHarmony Safe?

eHarmony started in the year 2000, but it wasn’t the first online dating site. People have searched internet dating services for more than three decades to find a partner and, potentially, love.

Yet, the thing that makes eHarmony stand out is their compatibility quiz. As mentioned in this eHarmony review, this matchmaking service is about compatibility and asks users to complete a quiz. In this quiz, you’re giving the platform as much information as possible to find a match successfully.

Questions in the quiz typically relate to your age, where you live, if you have children, education, occupation, and hobbies. It can be a lot - but the purpose of these questions is so eHarmony can find the perfect match that is compatible with you.

In this article, I’ll explore if it’s safe to give eHarmony all this information and how to stay safe using the site and services of eHarmony. 

How Safe is eHarmony?

The most significant concern people usually have with online dating sites is matching with a fraudulent person. You meet and enjoy talking with someone, only discovering that they are not real and you’ve been duped.

The lengthy questionnaire that each member fills out is one of the ways that eHarmony ensures its members are genuine. It’s considered one of their primary safety protocols and flags any suspicious activity.

eHarmony is also a paid subscription, which typically deters anyone from doing harm.

How Do I Stay Safe on eHarmony?

If you decide to utilize the matchmaking services of eHarmony, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe both online and when it’s time to meet IRL (in real life). Of course, there are no guarantees when meeting new people, but I recommend following these five tips to keep your personal information and yourself safe as much as possible.

Tip 1 - Don’t Share Personal Information on Your Profile

When you fill out an eHarmony profile, you could put a lot of information about yourself. For example, you can list your job, where you live, and your favorite place to grab a coffee. All of these things help eHarmony find your perfect match.

However, you don’t want to share too much. For example, you can say that you’re a teacher or sales clerk but shouldn’t list your place of employment. Tell potential suitors your favorite type of coffee without giving out where they can find you to get your cup of joe every morning.

Never put financial or sensitive personal information on your eHarmony profile either. Your bank account number, and Social Security number are all private information you should never reveal on public internet sites, especially dating ones.

Tip 2 - Use the eHarmony Message System

Similar to other apps, eHarmony has an internal messaging system that keeps all correspondence in one place. It’s easy to access and manage messages with those who pique your interest.

I recommend using the eHarmony message system for as long as possible. After you’ve met someone in real life, it may be easier to exchange numbers or emails, but it’s best to keep it within the eHarmony system for the first few interactions. 

If things turn sour, you can permanently block them on eHarmony, which is much easier than changing your phone number.

Tip 3 - Don’t Let Others Access Your Account

If you are using a public computer to access your eHarmony account, ensure that you guard your login information and always log out when you’re done. 

If you unintentionally stay logged in to your account from a shared or public computer, other people may access your private information and steal your identity. Or they could use your information to create another (fake) eHarmony account and cause problems with the company.

It’s always best practice to protect your account and password credentials, and always log out when you’re done using the website.

Tip 4 - Take Your Time Before Meeting Offline

We’ve all heard the story about “love at first sight.” And while that may happen for some people, I recommend not jumping offline right away.

When you meet someone on eHarmony, utilize the messaging system first and get to know them digitally before setting up an in-person meeting.

You can also search social media platforms and see if what they say matches their actions. If their profile says they love hiking, but all their Instagram pictures are indoors, that may be a red flag. 

You’ll know when the time is right to take the next step and meet face-to-face, but my suggestion is to take things slow - don’t rush!

Tip 5 - Tell Someone When & Where You Are Meeting Your eHarmony Date

No matter when you finally meet someone in the real world, make sure you tell someone about your eHarmony date. Not to boast or brag about your upcoming hot date, but for accountability and safety if something happens.

Whether it’s your first or tenth eHarmony date, tell a friend, family member, or co-worker about your plans. Someone who will follow up afterward and make sure everything went okay. Tell them where you’re going, when, and how long you plan on being there.

Telling a roommate or someone who lives with you is the best choice because they will know when you make it home okay. Or tell someone you’ll message them after the date - again, it’s for accountability and safety.


Is eHarmony safe to use a credit card?

Yes, you can use a credit card to create an eHarmony account. The site safely stores your information and does not share this as part of your profile. You can also use PayPal to pay for your account.

Is it safe to join

Yes, eHarmony is safe to join as long as you don’t share too much information and correctly utilize the site’s safety features (such as their messaging system).

Is it safe to communicate with eHarmony matches?

With an eHarmony profile, you can message potential matches through the website, and mobile app. eHarmony also allows you to block other eHarmony members. It’s safe to use this feature as you find your match. 

Is the eHarmony app safe?

Yes, the same safety protocols found on the website are also available on the eHarmony app.

Can you get scammed on eHarmony?

eHarmony has safety protocols and features in place to make sure you do not get scammed. Their algorithm searches for accounts and removes those that seem suspicious. You also must have a complete profile to use the dating service. If you find any suspicious account, you can report it to eHarmony.

Does eHarmony do background checks?

eHarmony does not do background checks, but the website is safe to use due to its algorithm and other features mentioned above.