eHarmony Guarantee – Details, Eligibility, and How To Get It

By: Michele Baird
Updated: February 3, 2022

Looking to start seriously dating, but don't want to risk wasting time and money in the process? eHarmony is a reputable dating site that uses a scientific algorithm to match individuals with highly compatible singles based on a range of criteria.

eHarmony is so confident in their ability to find you a suitable match that they offer a signature guarantee. Read on to learn more about this guarantee, which gives you a free subscription under certain conditions, and ensures you find a match without breaking the bank.

About eHarmony

eHarmony started in 2000 and has since served over 33 million people between 2000 and 2010. The site has consistently served about 10 million active users since 2017 and features a unique algorithm unmatched by other dating services.

Before you can establish your eHarmony profile and see matches, you’ll need to complete the 32 DIMENSIONS® questionnaires. All users complete this 150 question questionnaire, but there is still a vetting process, and not all users gain access to the site.

Some of the reasons individuals get denied access include being under the age of 21, having been married four or more times before, or inconsistent answers on the questionnaire.

Only a small percentage of users get denied, but the questionnaire is very helpful when it comes to eHarmony providing matches that fit your personal criteria, values, and personality traits.

The eHarmony website states that “opposites attract, and then attack” as part of their philosophy behind how they find suitable matches for users. User profiles also include pictures and other information, but only paid subscribers can view unlimited photos.

Part of what makes eHarmony an excellent choice for online dating is that users avoid viewing thousands of matches, and built-in filters help whittle down the suggested matches quickly.

You won’t need to sort through endless user profiles, and you can send messages to multiple other matches at any given time. This system helps members to use their time more efficiently and protects them somewhat from information overload.

eHarmony also offers a dating community where members can connect with other members and get dating advice from experts. There’s also a free library of helpful dating-related content put together by psychologists, journalists, and love experts.

To know more about the features, visit my review here.

What is the eHarmony Guarantee?

The eHarmony guarantee is an agreement between the users and eHarmony stating that if you don't find satisfying matches, you’ll get an additional membership subscription for free. 

The guarantee allows users to gain an additional three months of membership for free once they’ve paid for at least three months. These conditions also require users to interact with some of their matches, follow specific terms and fulfill a few simple criteria.

The eHarmony guarantee helps users who are unsure about online dating feel more secure. This guarantee also helps users who end up needing more time and feel uncertain about the monthly fee for this service.

eHarmony feels confident about providing this guarantee because their site uses a specific algorithm with scientific backing. This unique algorithm isn’t used by any other online dating firm and features the 150 point questionnaire to help pinpoint specific user qualities.

How Do I Get the eHarmony Guarantee?

To get the eHarmony guarantee, members must complete a specific set of criteria and then contact member support. Member support helps users tweak their profiles, provides links to valuable content related to dating, and addresses other concerns.

Users can contact member support 24/7/365 to get assistance with a wide array of topics, including this guarantee and information about interacting with potential matches. Unless you meet all of the eligibility criteria, you cannot take advantage of the eHarmony guarantee.

Members contact customer support using the live chat function online, or by phone, but email is easiest. When you enter the last 30-days of your membership period, you can email customer support at

What Are the eHarmony Guarantee Eligibility Criteria?

The eligibility criteria eHarmony uses for their guarantee is simple and includes the following steps:

  • Complete the full 32 DIMENSIONS® questionnaire
  • Finish your eHarmony profile with at least three photos
  • Exchange messages with at least five of your matches or other members
  • Pay for at least a three-month subscription
  • Follow eHarmony’s Terms and Conditions

If you don’t follow these five steps, you won’t be able to take advantage of the guarantee.

It's worth noting that users may only redeem this promotion once during the life of their account, and it must get redeemed while the account is still active. The guarantee cannot transfer to another account or user, and eHarmony will not issue a monetary refund.

1. Complete Your Profile and Questionnaire

Completing the questionnaire and your profile is an essential requirement, and this includes posting at least three approved photos to your profile page. 

Users also need to put some effort into filling out the “About Me” section of the profile, and an eHarmony representative must review and approve your photos. Users must complete their profile within five days of signing up for a subscription.

2. Have an Active Subscription and Visible Profile

Members can take advantage of the guarantee with any paid Basic or Premium subscription at least three months long. Expired or inactive accounts don’t qualify for this guarantee, and your profile must remain visible at all times during the subscription period.

If your membership expires before you request an extension, your account isn’t eligible for the guarantee. Part of using eHarmony successfully includes keeping up with using the site, updating your profile, and communicating appropriately.

3. Send and Receive Messages

eHarmony also stipulates that members must send or receive messages from at least five of their matches during a single subscription term. This rule is easy to comply with as you can send or receive messages at any time and choose how you communicate with your matches.

For example, you can send simple text-based messages, or premium members can have video dates that are easy to set up through the site and a safer alternative to in-person first dates.

4. Abide by the Terms of Service

Following the terms of service is another relatively easy stipulation to follow and requires all users to confirm that they are unmarried and free from felony charges. 

eHarmony doesn’t conduct background checks on members currently, but the terms allow them to conduct a background check at any time.

If you fail to complete their compatibility quiz and your profile within five days, you won’t be eligible, and you won’t receive matches. 

5. No Monetary Refunds or Substitutions

Unfortunately, eHarmony does not issue refunds if you fail to find a suitable match at the end of your subscription, and there aren’t any substitutions made when it comes to the guarantee they offer.

It's also essential to note that the eHarmony guarantee is not the same as the 14-day refund period, referred to as the “cooling off period” on the eHarmony website.

Another important detail is that this guarantee does not transfer, and you can only get an extension if you truly meet all of the criteria listed above. 

eHarmony is looking for members to make a decent effort towards their dating life, but complying with the terms of the guarantee isn’t an undue burden.

How Do I Redeem the eHarmony Guarantee?

Redeeming the eHarmony guarantee is simple and involves emailing to communicate with their customer care department. 

A representative then confirms a member is eligible for the guarantee and an extension gets applied to your account.

Members must contact customer care within thirty days of the end of their subscription, so there’s plenty of time to get the renewal period in place. If your membership subscription expires before you contact eHarmony, you won’t meet the eligibility criteria.

Subscriptions only automatically renew if that option gets selected by the person setting up the account. If you get an extension for your account as part of the eHarmony guarantee, the automatic renewal will pick up at the end of the extension period.

Members can’t cancel or request to cancel their subscription before the extension period ends. When your account gets an extension, you’ll also see an Extension Termination Date, which is when your account would automatically renew.

How Do I Get the Most Out of My eHarmony Membership?

The benefits you get from your eHarmony membership depend entirely on how much time you dedicate to establishing your profile and how active you are on the site. 

Make a Habit of Keeping Up

For members who are only active a couple of times each week, you may find that it takes longer to establish connections with your matches and sort out who you want to pursue.

Likewise, if you spend a little time each day on the eHarmony website, you’re very likely to find individuals you want to message and maybe even meet for a first date. How quickly or slowly you move through the process of messaging and dating is left entirely up to members.

Use the Features of the Website

If you have a premium account, you can take advantage of video dates right on the eHarmony website. Video dates allow users to meet and offer greater safety than in-person dates until both parties get to know one another.

To get your profile perfected, you can also visit the eHarmony community for more information or contact Customer Care to address specific issues. It's also a good idea to carefully consider which subscription you choose so you can get all of the features you want.

The library of dating-related content on eHarmony can also help members brush up on their dating skills, stay safe, and avoid potentially embarrassing pitfalls. 

Members can choose to participate in the eHarmony community as much or a little as they like, but ultimately members should focus on communicating with matches they find interesting.

Members should also respond to messages from other members and remain active by messaging their matches in productive ways that establish a healthy conversation. 

Be Ready to Commit

Individuals should only use eHarmony when they feel ready for a relationship and feel they can commit to using the eHarmony website as well. It's also best if members know exactly what it is they’re looking for in a relationship.

To get the most out of your eHarmony membership, you should also spend time filling out your profile, and be completely honest when answering the questionnaire. 

Don’t sign up for eHarmony if you’re looking for casual meetups or one-night-stands as this is not what the site aims to accomplish for members.

Feel Good About Yourself

Members shouldn’t try filling out the questionnaire when they’re in a bad mood or distracted as that can seriously alter the outcome. It's also a good idea to engage in personal development activities to ensure you feel great about yourself.

Understand Timing Matters

Timing is also a critical issue, so if you don’t find good matches at first, don’t be afraid to come back the following quarter or in another season to try again. 

Timing is one reason eHarmony offers their guarantee as sometimes a few months isn’t long enough to find suitable matches.

You may also find that you encounter someone who is a good match, but they aren’t currently available. 

Availability is a tricky thing when dating online, but if you’re willing to put yourself out there and be honest about what you want, you’ll find that others are more likely to do the same, and you can sift through your matches more quickly.

Am I Guaranteed a Certain Number of Matches?

eHarmony does not guarantee a certain number of matches for each member, but by filling out your profile and answering the questionnaire honestly, you give yourself the best odds.

Take the questionnaire when you’re in a good mood, focused, and ready to be honest. Members often find that taking the questionnaire in a private place works best.

For tips on how to tweak your profile, you can use eHarmony’s community for advice, read through their library of content, or contact Customer Care.

To gain more interest in your profile, try adding fresh photos now and then, and communicate frequently with new matches you receive that meet your personal criteria.

If you find that the matches you receive aren’t really what you’re looking for, you may want to review your profile with Customer Care and potentially consider re-taking the 150 question questionnaire.

Some members find that when they retake the questionnaire, they receive better matches but this needs assessment on a case-by-case basis. More often, individuals are unhappy with themselves in some way and need to remedy their negative feelings.


Want to know more about eHarmony? Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does eHarmony have a money-back guarantee?

No, eHarmony doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee for membership subscriptions if you aren’t satisfied with your experience. eHarmony does offer free months of membership and access to their member support 24/7/365.

Can I get my money back from eHarmony?

There is a 14-day window where you can cancel after creating your membership profile, provided you haven’t used the service. This window called the “cooling-off period”, allows members to get a refund by following the steps laid out in the Terms and Conditions for the site.

Is it worth paying for eHarmony?

If you’re ready to try serious online dating and receive matches based on your personality traits, values, and personal criteria, then yes! This site also offers features like messaging, video dating, and customer support that make it well worth the membership fee.