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By: Michele Baird
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Secret Benefits is one of the few websites I have seen offering relationships between sugar babies and sugar daddies with no stigma. Are you interested in finding a relationship with a beautiful young woman or a sugar daddy for a few dates? If you are, I recommend the straightforward process provided by Secret Benefits. 

I took a thorough look at Secret Benefits and found millions of attractive ladies and mature men interested in beginning an honest relationship. The reason I find this website different is you can participate in this community without stigma or nudity. You can begin an honest relationship include love and material desires.  

I found the members were open and honest about exactly what they were searching for. The profiles were excellent, with the majority containing most of the information I was looking for. I admit, I enjoyed the time I spend researching Secret Benefits. This is a high quality, well-designed website.

Sign-Up Process

Secret Benefits Signup details

The process of creating an account is simple and free. If you are a sugar baby, you are required to provide specific information including:

  • Active email address
  • Physical attributes
  • Height
  • Hair color
  • Ethnicity

One of my favorite parts of the Secret Benefits website is the way the interface draws attention. Once you have filled in all of the required fields for registration, make certain your basic information is correct before proceeding. Once finished, you are taken to the official Secret Benefits site. 

At this point, you can add more information such as any tattoos or piercings, education, and relationship status. You also have the ability for uploading secret photos in addition to your profile picture. Only members you have selected can see your secret photos. All sugar babies need a photo and intro video for verification.  

Member Structure

A lot of female members will not respond to likes immediately. I recommend requesting a viewing of the Secret Albums. Even though the members follow the no-nudity rule, you can still see their bodies in the photos. If you are searching for a partner, the Secret Albums feature is very helpful. 

The majority of recommendations you will receive for matches are for members living in your general area. This enables you to arrange for a meeting much quicker. Secret Benefits will not allow any member to share information regarding bank accounts. If you are looking for a sugar baby to shower with gifts, you need to meet in person.  

Making Contact

If you want to unlock a dialogue between another member, you need to have 10 credits. You only need to pay once for each member. You will also be able to see where the member was located while online to determine if a physical meeting is possible. I found communication on the site very straightforward. 

Once you find a member you are interested in, you send them a message. If the member feels the same way, you can begin talking. Eventually, this will lead to setting up a meeting. There are no restrictions regarding what you can talk about, and no topics are off-limits. Secret Benefits includes all of the following advantages. 

  • The search tool is free
  • All members passing verification have a Verified badge by their username
  • Your album can be shared with every member you like
  • You can see which members are online
  • If members are available matching your criteria, your search results are unlimited
  • Secret Albums allow videos or photos in revealing clothing
  • All filters for the search tool are free
  • You can unlock a messaging feature for every member you choose

Profile Quality

I found more than one million members on Secret Benefits consisting of both men and women. Sugar daddies and babies are available for every ethnicity and age. Although you can join for free, you will need to make a purchase to contact the other members. You can either view or offer private albums and photos to find what you desire.  

I have always found the most important part of any dating app is the search function. Secret Benefits allows you to search according to specific physical attributes such as eye or hair color, height, ethnicity, and distance, or location. If you are a sugar daddy, your default option for search results is according to current activity. 

Secret Benefits offers an excellent privacy policy. According to the official site, your personal information is securely stored once you have completed the registration process. The only time other members can view your information is when they are logged into the site. 

Secret Benefits offers safety through SSL encryption. Whether you prefer the main website or the mobile version, you do not need to be concerned with your safety, or the security of your personal information.  


A mobile version of an app is available through Secret Benefits for convenience. The app is accessed directly by your mobile browser. I found this version well-designed, clear, smooth, and appropriate. You do not need to pay a fee to access the mobile version, but you can use it for purchasing credits.  

Every function available through the website is accessible through the mobile version. You can either input your specific location manually or allow the GPS on your phone to find it automatically. Although there is no app specifically created for Secret Benefits, I was pleased with the mobile version available on my phone.  

I used my browser to obtain a good looking mobile version. I had no difficulty with any of the functions. My view of the member photos was also much clearer due to the better scaling available through my phone. 


Secret Benefits has created an innovative system based on credits I find appealing. The system allows you to use every service and feature available on the website. I recommend purchasing the number of credits you want to begin, so you can talk to the members you find intriguing. 

You only need 10 credits to start talking to the member of your choice. Only a few additional credits are required to view all of the photos. There are several reasons this system makes sense to me. First, you will spend a lot less than paying a specific and fixed monthly rate. 

I have found the majority of dating sites charge a fairly hefty monthly fee whether you use the services and features frequently or not. Despite Secret Benefits not offering free credits, you can easily purchase in bulk depending on how many photos you intend to view or the number of members you want to talk to. 

The Layout And Design

One of the best features is an exceptional layout and design providing you with a great user experience. In comparison to the majority of adult dating sites, I found Secret Benefits eliminated the tacky animations and features. I did not see the misleading and deceptive banner ads telling me the site is not legitimate. 

As a reputable site, Secret Benefits does not use any devious tactics. If you click on any link within the site, you will simply go to a different area of the site. The user interface is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive. You will not experience any difficulties using or navigating the website. 

Even though a mobile app is currently unavailable, you will find the site both mobile-friendly, smooth, and responsive. I accessed the site through the browser on my phone and did not lose any functionality or features. 

Legitimacy Through Photo Verification

The process of photo verification greatly enhances the credibility of Secret Benefits. This means both the sugar babies and sugar daddies you see in the profile photo are the person you are speaking with. My biggest issue with this type of dating site is there is generally a lot of outdated or fake profiles.  

I was delighted this was not an issue with Secret Benefits. Everything I viewed on the member's user profiles was exactly what I received. I can attest to the accuracy of both the profiles and photographs. 

The Legitimacy Of The Accounts 

I was concerned about fictitious members, bots, and fake accounts when I first began researching Secret Benefits. I did not find any of these issues. I believe this is due to the steps the management of the website has instigated to handle these types of issues. 

From what I could see, bots and fake accounts have been completely eliminated from the website. Every account I viewed appeared to be 100 percent legitimate. You can use the site with confidence to help ensure a successful experience without the need to avoid cam girls, scammers, and bots every time you turn around. 

Secret Albums

I love the secret albums. The only members able to see your secret album are those you have approved. There is no charge for uploading your photos to create your own secret album. 

Easy Logging In And Signing Up

The processes for logging in and signing up are some of the simplest I have ever seen. The sign-up process for most of the dating sites created for sugar dating are long, drawn-out and excruciating. Secret Benefits uses a process I found completely painless. 

Even though a photo is not required for using any of the features, I recommend uploading one. Although you can browse through member profiles, a photo or two will make you appear more attractive to the other members.  

The Diversity Of The Members

One of the key advantages of Secret Benefits is the astonishingly large number of members with a lot of diversity. No matter which type of sugar daddy or sugar baby you are trying to find, your chance of success is good here. You can search for potential sugar babies by ethnicity, location, and age. 

The numerous options increase your odds of locating the ideal partner. You will most likely find numerous members fitting your criteria perfectly. 

Straightforward Messaging

Messaging the other members is straightforward and extremely easy. You do not need to use credits to send messages, but purchasing credits is simple, inexpensive, and easy. 

Using Secret Benefits

The design of the website is exceptionally clean. Not only did I find the buttons easy to use, but the trendy and modern effect is nice. You will most likely already be familiar with the icons and buttons, to make navigation a breeze. If you have never used a dating site before, you should be able to figure everything out quickly.  

Since messaging other members is a premium feature, the guidance provided is exceptional. The features of the website and mobile version are identical. This means you do not need to learn anything new to use the mobile version.

Customer Support

Secret Benefits provides customer support 24/7. The site has a 'Contacts Page' in case you have a question you would like to ask.  

Safety & Security

According to the privacy policy of SecretBenefits, all your personal information is collected and stored safely and securely. Only other members currently logged in can view this information. Security encryption is ensured through the SSL protocol. The complete privacy policy is available on the official website.  


The pricing for credits is very reasonable. The cost of 100 credits is $59, 500 credits are $169, and 1,000 credits can be purchased for $289. Only 10 credits are required to contact each individual member. 

Pros And Cons:


  • The payment system for purchasing credits is sensible and flexible.
  • The interface for the site is excellent.
  • You can upload both public and private photos.
  • Fake profiles are rare due to the system used for photo verification. 
  • The members are interested in meet-ups, to ensure you do not waste your time.
  • The site is free for sugar babies.


  • Sugar daddies using a free membership are extremely limited. 
  • Sugar daddies have to pay to send a message.
  • Individual status is unable to be proven because there is no wealth verification.

Final Verdict

Secret Benefits is a fantastic option for every possible sugar dating need. The features and functions of the site are elegant and simple, with a smooth interface. If anything requires improvement, I did not find it. I recommend the site for diversity, a large number of members, and straightforward messaging and policies.


Q: How Popular is Secret Benefits?

A: The site is so popular, there are 700,000 members from the United States alone. More than 100,000 members are active every week. 

Q: Is Secret Benefits Any Good?

A: According to user reviews, the site is excellent. My experience on Secret Benefits was exceptional. 

Q: What Payment Methods are Available for Secret Benefits?

A: Secret Benefits accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin for payments. 

Q: What Content is Prohibited to Write in a Secret Benefits Profile?

A: Members are prohibited from using abusive or sexually explicit language, fake photos, profanity, or content referencing any adult or escort services. 

Q: Can I Hide My Profile From Other Secret Benefit Users?

A: Yes, you can hide your profile from conversations you already began and search results. You will be unable to search for other members when your profile is hidden. 

Q: How Do I Change My Profile Picture on Secret Benefits?

A: Open your photos, then hover your mouse over the photo you want to use for your profile. One of the options that appear is Profile. Click on this option to set your profile picture. 

Q: How Does Secret Benefits Show Up in My Bank Statements?

A: Your billing will never appear as Secret Benefits. You will see CCBill Base Ltd.N listed on your statement instead. 

Q: Can I Include My Phone Number or Email Address in My Secret Benefits Bio?

A: Due to the strict safety policy of Secret Benefits, you should never include contact information when creating your profile. 

Q: What Will Happen If I Add contact Information in My Secret Benefits profile?

A: If you include contact information in your profile, you can be reported for disregarding safety concerns. Your profile can be deactivated temporarily, then reviewed by Secret Benefits. 

Q: How Do I Get My Secret Benefits Profile Verified?

A: Open your profile page, then click the tab marked Verification. You will then be asked for a video and photo clearly showing your face. 

Q: What Type of Photos Can I Upload?

A: Your photo must be an accurate representation of your genuine appearance. You may not use sexual content, nudity, text, other individuals, copyrighted content, contact information, illegal activities, or drugs. 

Q: How Do I Report a User in Secret Benefits?

A: If the community rules have been violated, look on the member's profile page for a button labeled with three dots. Click to make a text box appear where you can report the user. 

Q: How Can I Check for New Messages on Secret Benefits?

A: The Messages tab is located at the top of the page. All messages you have received are displayed on the following page. 

Q: Do You Have to Pay for Secret Benefits?

A: If you want to talk to another member, you will need to purchase credits. You only pay 10 credits once to talk to a member. 

Q: Where Can I Check How My Secret Benefits Credits Have Been Used?

A: You will find a list on your Credit History Page. On the upper right side of the page is a credit icon you can open with a click.  

Q: Can You Delete a Secret Benefits Account?

A: Yes, being by logging in, then clicking on the thumbnail located in the upper right corner. Look at the drop-down menu, find Settings, and click. There is a link on the bottom to delete or deactivate your account. 

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