It’s Just Lunch Review – Everything You Need To Know

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2021
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Are you ready to kiss the dating world goodbye for good with a partner you love and respect? Are you ready to meet someone that understands you and connects with you on a deeper level?

Many dating apps function on a surface-level, putting couples together based on physical first impressions and putting all the rest to the side. It can be hard to find good candidates when you’re navigating the often turbulent waters of single life. That’s why there are specialty dating services designed for singles who are serious about falling in love and starting their life with someone.

One of these apps is called It’s Just Lunch. It’s a dating service that utilizes expert matchmakers to pair you with compatible singles safely and securely.

If you want to know more about It’s Just Lunch, you’ve come to the right place. I’m dishing all of my true feelings about this app and what it offers its members below. 

Let’s dive right into this It’s Just Lunch review.

Overview: What Is It’s Just Lunch?

It’s Just Lunch is a dating app founded in the U.S. in 1991. Over the past 28 years, the company has provided the same high-quality matchmaking and dating service with its signature face-to-face style to create couples worldwide, from the U.K. to Australia to North America.

It’s Just Lunch relies on its six master matchmakers who take on all of the candidates to create the best connections possible. Aside from the six expert matchmakers, there’s an additional team of certified matchmakers that help with the leg work to make it all happen. They focus on comfortable and safe connections over quick lunch dates or after-work meetings between potential pairs.

This service feels more personalized and real than some of the other options out there today. The matchmakers take care of all the details for you, so all you have to focus on is showing up as the best version of yourself. Today, they’ve facilitated more than 2 million first dates that have led to tons of long, happy relationships and marriages.

Interested in learning how this process works? Let’s begin with the sign-up or application process.

The Process Of Signing Up

If you’re interested in joining It’s Just Lunch as a member, you first must register through the formal process.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A phone or Skype-based interview
  • A selective process
  • Down payment needed before matches begin

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • You’ll begin by filling out a form to register. It asks for information about your identity, like phone and email, age, gender, location, etc.
  • After you fill out your form, you’ll get a call from one of the matchmakers for a half-hour long interview. During this interview, they will explain the matchmaking process and the guarantees offered. They’ll also share more about the membership costs and terms of service. 
  • If you make it past this round, you’ll move on to a Skype interview to talk face to face. If you’re approved after going over your personality, interests, preferences, etc., your matchmaker will arrange for your payment and begin making matches for you.

If you’re eager to get started and don’t want to wait for the matchmakers to contact you, you can take the initiative and call the number from the website without filling out the assessment.

How Does It’s Just Lunch Work?

Going through the It’s Just Lunch onboarding interview process will make you realize how dedicated this program is to connecting people with others that are serious about love. 

From there, most of the actual dating work is done for you by the team of professional, certified matchmakers. You’ll find tons of positive It’s Just Lunch reviews from satisfied clients who say the same thing.

After you are approved, and your payment has been collected, your matchmaker will pore over all the available matches to find someone who seems suitable. 

When they identify a potential match, your liaison will give you a call and let you know their first name and discuss some available times to get lunch, coffee, or an after-work drink. 

After the matchmaker speaks with your match and confirms the date, they’ll let you know where to show up and when. With that knowledge, all you have to do is show up and charm your date with your good looks and personality.

After each date, you contact your matchmaker again and offer feedback about the date and the match in general. They’ll use this information to set up another date with the same person or set up a new date with a more suitable match.

About The Lunch Dates

Couple eating the dinner

The best part about the dating process is that all the details and logistics are taken care of for you. All of your meet-ups will be during either lunch or after-work hours so it won’t disrupt your schedule. If you and your match are compatible and both agree to a second date, your matchmakers will set that up.

Note that memberships usually cost somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000 but that depends on your location, how long you want to hold a contract, and the guarantees you’re looking to get. 

Once you pay your membership fee, the matchmakers search in their vast pool of candidates to find the best match for you based on compatibility and personality. They will try to find someone who both complements you and challenges you. They’ll also look for similar interests and values. 

Once they find someone they think would be a good match, they’ll give you a call and share a bit of information. The time to receive this call will vary and take a week or even a month or so. Rest assured that the time just guarantees a more accurate match being made.

Determining the accuracy of the match is up to the two of you, and It’s Just Lunch always encourages its members to behave safely and make smart decisions when meeting someone new. 

At your date, if you or your date choose to order anything, you will need to determine how you will handle the bill. The bill is not included in the membership cost. 

After the date is over, you’ll speak to your matchmaker on the phone to debrief and determine compatibility moving forward. Your next date will either be a second date or a first date with someone entirely new.

Who Will You Meet On Your Dates?

You can meet a wide range of people and personality types during your time dating through It’s Just Lunch. As a primer, the general population of It’s Just Lunch users are busy, educated, professional singles. Most of these people don’t have the time to dedicate to a consuming dating life and are looking to find real compatibility. 

Candidates are of all races, ethnicities, creeds, and sexual orientations. However, the prime age range is between 28 and 44 years old. There are some older members as well, so don’t be discouraged if you’re a bit past this age range. Between men and women, there are about 10% more men.

Most of It’s Just Lunch clients are looking for something serious that can flourish into a long-term relationship. Most potential matches want marriage. That’s why paying a premium rate for an intentional matchmaking service is worth it to them. This serves as a barrier to entry based on how badly they want a true match.

If you end up finding the one through It’s Just Lunch, the company is proud to post the love stories of couples who consent on the site. You can get a taste of past user experiences by reading the testimonials from other happy couples.

Features Of The Service

Wondering about the features that It’s Just Lunch has to offer its clients? Clients say that there are five stand-out features that It’s Just Lunch provides. These include:

  • Offline dating options to initiate connections based on personality and interests rather than superficial information or physical appearance only.
  • Personalized matchmaking services coming from a team of six expert matchmakers and a supporting staff of certified matchmaking professionals to facilitate millions of dates every year.
  • The utmost privacy so you never have to worry about someone learning too much about you before you know them. You cannot ever guarantee privacy through online dating that’s unsupervised by a matchmaker.
  • You are paying for dates, and dates are what you’re guaranteed. You are promised that you will go on the number of dates that were agreed upon when discussing prices.
  • Dating safety tips that can keep you safe and secure as you navigate meeting new people in a face-to-face fashion.
  • Full service that handles even the smallest details of every date so that you never have to worry about planning, making reservations, or finding a time and place that works for both parties.
  • With years of experience matchmaking, It’s Just Lunch brings a level of maturity in the dating industry that no social app can offer.

Costs And Prices Of It’s Just Lunch

The cost of It’s Just Lunch will depend on the following factors:

  • Where you’re looking to date
  • How many dates you want to go on
  • How long you want to be a client of the service

You can’t get an estimate unless you go through the registration process. Once you do, you can speak directly to a matchmaker that can go over pricing and bundles for you to choose from.

Past clients say that the cost typically ranges between $2,000 and $4000.

Pros And Cons: 


  • There’s no chance of being scammed or catfished by a stranger on the internet since all of your matches are hand-picked by love connection experts.
  • There’s full confidentiality for all clients, so you never have to worry about someone knowing too much about you before you actually get to know them in person.
  • The matchmaking process is fully customized based on your needs, interests, and deal-breakers.
  • It’s a refreshing alternative to dating online, which has become a field full of singles that are far less serious about long-term relationships.
  • You have guaranteed dates, unlike all other dating apps that can’t provide any sort of guarantee of connection.


  • It’s more expensive than many other dating options.
  • The dating model is a bit unconventional in this modern age and might not be right for everyone.
  • The member base is comparatively small to other dating pools like that of major social dating apps.
  • There are multiple steps in place to ensure you get a perfect match, but some users might think it takes too long.

Verdict: Is The Service Really Worth It?

It’s Just Lunch is a great option for someone fed up with the online dating scene and looking for something with a deeper connection that could be a life-long love. While it does come at a premium rate, happy clients rave that the price is worth the following pros: 

  • Personalized matchmaking experience
  • Total confidentiality
  • Safe face-to-face dating model

If this doesn’t necessarily sound like your cup of tea, I’d also highly recommend eHarmony. It’s an online dating service that focuses on real connection and compatibility. 


Q: Who can join It’s Just Lunch?

A: It’s Just Lunch is for anyone over the age of 18 who resides in either Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Australia and is looking to get back in the dating pool with smart, safe, intentional connections.

Q: How much does It’s Just Lunch cost?

A: If you’re looking to join It’s Just Lunch, the cost to join and maintain a membership will vary based on your location the membership contract you’d like.

Q: Is there a guarantee when I become a member of It’s Just Lunch?

A: As great as it would be, It’s Just Lunch can’t guarantee any love match from your time on the app. However, the matchmakers will guarantee a certain number of dates determined by the price of your membership and the scope of your contract.

Q; What is It’s Just Lunch success rate?

A: Currently, there is no success rate that It’s Just Lunch advertises. However, the team does guarantee that you will go on a certain number of dates.

Q: Can I terminate my It’s Just Lunch membership anytime?

A: Of course! If you decide you no longer want to continue your subscription to your It’s Just Lunch membership, you are free to cancel at any time by terminating your contract.

Q: Is the membership fee refundable?

A: Once you pay your membership fee for It’s Just Lunch, that money becomes non-refundable – even if you change your mind.

Q: Who matches members together?

A: Members are matched for lunch dates by a team of six professional matchmakers who use their skills and experience to determine compatible matches for each client.

Q: How do Lunch Dates work?

A: Your It’s Just Lunch matchmaker will pair you up with a date and handle all of the logistical aspects of planning and executing the date as well. The team will provide you with all the necessary information, and then you just need to show up at the right place, right time, and enjoy yourself.

Q: If I had a bad date, what do I do?

A: It happens! After each date you go on, your assigned matchmaker will give you a ring on the phone to check in and see how things went. At this point, you’ll be able to provide any feedback about what you did or did not like about the date. The matchmakers will use the information to find more accurate matches for you.

Q: My date didn’t show up, what do I do?

A: If your date stands you up, which hardly ever happens on It’s Just Lunch, you can immediately let your assigned matchmaker know, and they will make up for it.

Q: Is it possible to see my lunch date again?

A: Absolutely! If you want to see your lunch date again, It’s Just Lunch fully supports that! Simply let your matchmaker know that you’re interested, and they will arrange the next date for you. Your date will just need to agree to see you again before it’s confirmed.

Q: How safe is It’s Just Lunch?

It’s Just Lunch is about as safe as you can get dating in this modern age. All It’s Just Lunch clients are screened with a rigorous phone interview before they are accepted to ensure all candidates are respectable, safe, and kind people.

Q: Does It’s Just Lunch ensure that the lunch dates are safe?

It’s Just Lunch does its part to ensure all your lunch dates are safe. Your matchmaker will set up the details for the date (time, place), protect your personal information, and keep all interactions in public venues.

Q: Does It’s Just Lunch do background checks?

A: No, they do not conduct formal background checks on all the members. The company states on the website that it maintains this policy because databases are often inaccurate or incomplete, offering a false sense of security that the team doesn’t want to promote among users. 

Rather, It’s Just Lunch matchmakers thoroughly vet all members with a phone interview to get to know them personally. The company urges all daters to continue using good judgment and responsibility on all dates.

Q: Does It’s Just Lunch serve the LGBTQ community?

A: Yes, It’s Just Lunch is proud to serve members of the LGBTQ community. If you identify as LGBTQIA+, contact your matchmaker to inquire about your available matches.

Q: Does It’s Just Lunch serve people with disabilities?

Yes, all daters with disabilities are welcomed by It’s Just Lunch. Matchmakers will work to provide proper matches and set realistic expectations.

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