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By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2021
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Are you serious about finding a match? If you answered yes, I recommend DoULike. In the past, my biggest issues with dating apps were I found them difficult to use, generally ineffective, and I did not like most of the features. Have you experienced issues with dating apps?

DoULike is a simple to use, yet effective dating app. You can even create a profile for free to figure out how the app works. When I initially created my profile, I did not expect any better results than I received with numerous other apps. I am pleased to admit I was wrong.

Member Structure

I am impressed with the structure of DoULike. Regardless of your age, you will find members in your age bracket. You enter your preferred criteria to filter your searches. The majority of searches I conducted were accurate. I was able to access a multi-national audience, for improved results.

You will receive matches through the DoULike algorithm. You will discover thousands of single adults have already completed the verification process. This eliminates most of the fake profiles so abundant on most of the other dating sites. Whether or not you have ever used a dating app, the structure is easy to understand.

I found a tremendous number of profiles for both women and men. Although the app focuses on the United States, I saw members from numerous other countries as well including Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sign-Up Process

You can access DoULike through the official website, smartphone apps for iOS, and Android, or Facebook. You can register by linking your account with Facebook to import your basic personal details and profile picture, or through email. If you choose email, you will need to provide the following details.

  • Your gender
  • Preferred match gender
  • Email address and password
  • Full name
  • Location including city and zipcode
  • Birthday
You can then upload a maximum of 30 photos from your computer, smartphone, Facebook account, or webcam. Your face must be clearly visible in your photo, your photo can be rotated if necessary, and the resolution must be a minimum of 300x300. Once I completed the above steps, I was able to explore DoULike.

I used a free account to search for matches. I decided to increase my chance of success by adding more details to my profile. My profile and pics were approved in less than 24 hours. You are not required to enter any additional information, but these details will make your profile stand out more.

Matchmaking Algorithm And Making Contact

I have been frustrated in the past due to ineffective matchmaking algorithms. I am delighted to state DoULike is different. The algorithm is reliable, resulting in communication with members with similar interests. The result is better matches with a deeper connection.

To use the app, I started looking at the dating profiles. When I found a member I liked, I made my preference clear. When the member liked me back, I achieved a match. At this point, it is up to the members to begin communicating to determine compatibility.

There are two reasons I purchased a premium membership, instant messaging through chat, and sending emails. Both of these features will make it easier for you to find a match.

Profile Quality

According to, 80 percent of all member profiles have been verified, and photos are included. This significantly increases your chances of making a match, while adding credibility to the dating site. One of the reasons the profile quality is good is because the majority of fake accounts are eliminated.

The members I interacted with were genuine, interesting, and honestly interested in finding a match. I believe is a great website for both men and women interested in dating.


DoULike offers all of the features I look for in a dating site. I was able to access most of the features easily through the main menu. There are tabs for viewing individual profiles and profile lists. The features are impressive including:


Member profiles include sections for About and Details. I was able to look at every photo the member uploaded, send messages or gifts, and like profiles. I was also able to look at larger versions of any photo I was interested in.

Who Viewed My Profile:

DoULike provides a list of every member that has looked at my profile. Every member listed offers a photo, first name, location, age, and About description. Using this list, I had the option to view the detailed profile of the member and send a message or a gift.


Matches show a listing of every profile I have liked, every member that has like my profile, and mutual likes. All of the members on the list have a photo, first name, location, age, and About description. I have the option of viewing detailed profiles, and sending messages or gifts.

I Like:

This is a list of the members I liked that did not like me back. All of the same information is shown on this list as the others, with the exact same options.

I Like List:

This list is the members that have liked my profile, and I have not yet liked back. If you are a free member, you need to vote for 20 members every 24 hours on the Meet People page. Once again, all of the same information and options apply.

Messages And Chat:

Messages and Chat appear on both iOS and Android apps under mail. The meaning of messages and chat are exactly the same. This is where you will go to read and reply to all of the messages you have been sent by other members. You have the ability to send messages with a free account. A paid account is required to read messages.

You can filter your messages by sent, read, and unread. This is where you will find your Flirt messages, normal messages, and gifts.

Flirt Messages:

You can choose from a list of messages or create your own flirt message. I discovered approximately 75 messages already created covering all of the following and more.

  • Flirty
  • Photos
  • Gratitude
  • Know you more
  • Reply
  • Casual
  • Pickup lines
  • Meeting
  • Messaging
  • Account

Every member can send a flirt message. If you are a free member, you will only be able to send a flirt message to a member that has not sent you a message. You will find your flirt messages in the mail section.


There are 50 virtual gifts including an image you can choose from, and follow with a text message. There are ten different categories of gifts. If you have a paid subscription, you receive unlimited gifts. If you are a free member, the only way to send a gift is by using credits. Your gift messages are located in the mail section.

Ease of Use

I found the DoULike app both usable and highly functional. The mobile app is well organized, smooth, and simple to use. The optimization for views is excellent for smaller screens. The app has been tested for the best possible functionality on both smartphones and tablets.

Safety And Security

DoULike offers an online security certificate to ensure your safety and security. Profile quality is consistently monitored for identity verification to help eliminate fake or spam profiles. If you do find a fake profile, you can report the member. There is a button you can click to send an Abuse Report.

You will need to select a reason for your report such as Fake User, Rude or Scam. You have the option to include a comment. Once you send a report, notification is sent to customer service. The account will be reviewed within 24 hours. The member may receive a warning or be removed from the DoULike.


I recommend purchasing a subscription once you have reviewed the app. This enables you to use all of the features. There are currently three options available.


premium membership




premium membership



  • The cost of a one-month subscription is $19.99
  • The cost of a three-month subscription is $44.99
  • The cost of a six-month subscription is $59.99

I found these prices reasonable, yet just enough to discourage spammers from paying for a subscription. You have the option of signing up for a one-month subscription to really use DoULike, then subscribing for six-months to decrease your cost. There are a lot of advantages to a paid subscription.

I found sending unlimited gifts extremely helpful when meeting new members. I was also able to see all of my likes and views from the members.

Customer Service

There is a FAQ section built right into the dating app. I looked over the section and found the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding dating sites. FAQs are organized according to the topic for easier access. If you need additional support, you can easily contact customer support by sending an email.

If you look at the bottom of any page, you will find a form 'Contact Us'. If you are unable to find the answer to a question in the FAQ section, there is a button located at the bottom of the section for support. You can ask questions on any topic including subscriptions, profiles, and technical issues.

Pros And Cons:


  • You can use DoULike for desktop, Android and iOS
  • Simple registration process
  • Easy, smooth navigation
  • Messages can be automated when you like a profile


  • A Paid subscription is required to access some features
  • Some of the profiles are fake
  • Some of the profiles are inactive
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The Bottom Line

You can try DoULike by creating a free profile to determine how everything works. I have found the profiles are high-quality, the features are useful, security is excellent, signing up, and using the platform is easy, and the pricing is reasonable. I recommend DoULike for anyone serious about finding a match.

Conclusion of DoULike Reviews

Overall a good place to find the relationship.

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