CatholicMatch Dating Site Review

By: Michele Baird
Updated: January 3, 2021
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Finding love is difficult enough without worrying about the beliefs or values of your potential other half. For Catholic singles across the nation, dating within your church simply will not cut it, and that beautiful stranger you saw at the bar the other day probably does not share your core values. 

 To find people who have our preferred qualities, we often turn to niche dating. This type of dating is known as specialty dating, in which different platforms are tailored to a specific type of people. CatholicMatch, a popular niche dating website is one such platform, connecting nearly 1.2 million Catholics nationwide. 

Before jumping in and making an account on any platform, it is important to thoroughly research all components of membership and the platform’s legitimacy. We have done the hard work for you by creating an extensive review of everything you need to know about CatholicMatch before making an account. Keep reading to find out more.

Member Structure

 As stated previously, CatholicMatch is home to nearly 1.2 million users in the U.S. This number goes up to 1.5 million across the globe. According to statistics on the website, CatholicMatch has high user activity with 16,500 daily logins. This platform has a perfect ratio of males to females, giving each gender an equal chance of finding a significant other. 

 The population and popularity of CatholicMatch rank higher than other leading Catholic dating websites, which says a lot for its legitimacy. 

 One important thing to note is that while all members of CatholicMatch are of the Catholic faith, everyone differs in the strength of their beliefs. For instance, some members do not follow the teaching that premarital sex is a sin. 

 CatholicMatch’s membership base has attracted users from numerous European countries including Sweden, Poland, Ireland, and even some South American countries such as Brazil and El Salvador. Regardless, most of the users on Catholic Match are conversational in English and many speak a second language fluently. 

 A majority of the site’s active users can be found in the discussion pages where topics such as prayer requests, current teachings, and events can be found. Welcome to all age ranges over 18, there is no doubt that CatholicMatch has a perfect match for everyone.

Registration And Sign-Up

Sign Up details

 Many individuals are often deterred by complicated sign-up processes and upfront payment on dating platforms. I liked the way CatholicMatch solves this by offering a rather simple and easy sign-up process. 

 This platform offers the option to sign up using an email or Facebook account. There will be a few questions to answer before successfully completing the registration and these questions are mostly faith of belief-based. The questionnaire only took me a few minutes and is helpful in finding a suitable match for your profile.

 Other ways to personalize your profile include uploading a profile picture and creating a short personal introduction. The profile photo can be uploaded directly from your Facebook account or computer. 

 Instead of giving you the freedom to create a username, CatholicMatch assigns everyone a username based on the individual’s name and membership number. This not only makes the platform a safer environment but removes the common problem of inappropriate usernames.

Member Interactions

 While creating and personalizing a profile is free, CatholicMatch requires a paid membership to contact other members via messaging. Receiving messages is no problem, however, there is a wait time of ten days before you are able to view the messages. 

 The only way you can contact someone for free on is by sending ’emotigrams,’ however, you cannot personalize a message.

 One style of communication that makes matchmaking an easier process is setting up ‘interview questions’ about things that would not come up in a general conversation. These 20 questions can be sent to another person’s profile in an effort to get to know the individual better.

Profile Quality

Because CatholicMatch requires profile personalization during the registration process, a majority of the profiles on the platform are thorough and include essential information. The results of the personality quiz are displayed on each profile, making such topics excellent conversation starters. Other information on the profile such as favorite movies, songs, TV shows, and more can also be used for conversation. 

 CatholicMatch gives its users the freedom to upload any photos they desire to their account, and these photos can be viewed by any member of the site. The photo gallery, which can hold up to 50 photos, often gives valuable insights into what type of person your match is.

 CatholicMatch also offers the option to take a temperament quiz and post the results to your profile. Of course, you will have to visit an external website and make an account to take the quiz beforehand. 

 If you have information on your profile that you would not like to disclose to the general population of CatholicMatch, there is an option to select ‘Get to know me first’ for sections that you would only reveal after becoming acquaintances with someone.

 In all, the profiles on CatholicMatch are thoroughly comprehensive and make finding your perfect other half a breeze.


 While CatholicMatch does not have the typical matching system used by similar dating platforms, it makes up for this by offering better, unique features to its users. 


The temperament quiz, as mentioned previously is used to rate you based on four types of personalities: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic. Sanguine means that you are very social, extroverted, and often very active. The opposite of said personality would be melancholic individuals who are reserved, analytical, and self-reliant. 

 Phlegmatic individuals are sort of a middle-ground between the prior two personality types and are calm and easygoing. Choleric personality types are expected to be goal-oriented, practical, logical, and not necessarily very friendly.

 The temperament quiz either places you into any of the four types or states that you are a mixture of two or more.

Interview Questions:

You have the option to create up to 20 multiple choice questions on any topic(s) of your choice. These questions can be used as an ice-breaker and conversation starter between two individuals. The results of said survey will be delivered to your inbox. 


Unique to CatholicMatch, the creators of the platform know that communicating with someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking or difficult. Instead of messaging a person of interest, you can send either a cup of coffee, rosary, or bouquet to an individual to let him/her know that you are interested in getting to know him better.

Design And Interface

 Because CatholicMatch is used by individuals of different ages, the platform is relatively easy to navigate. The website gives off a modern feel with a design similar to the layout of Facebook. The important pages are highlighted on a navy blue bar at the top of the screen.

 Profiles also look very similar to the ones of Facebook, therefore I believe constant users of the social media platform should not have any issue navigating CatholicMatch. There is also a news stream and recent blog timeline at the side of the website. is free of most advertisements, thanks to a large amount of paid memberships on the site, however, there are a few ads of faith-based organizations. Regardless, you will find that scrolling through CatholicMatch is rather straightforward.

Safety And Security

 Safety is the number one priority in online dating. One major issue is fake and fraudulent profiles. CatholicMatch has a 24/7 security system that regularly scans all profiles for any signs of negative intentions. They do so by analyzing the behaviors and traits of each account and matching them with those of scammers.

 Any account that exhibits such behaviors will be red-flagged and then removed if they cannot pass guidelines set by security. While CatholicMatch does its best to keep its members safe on the platform, it is important to follow these simple safety rules to make their job easier:

  • Do not reveal personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, last name, details about your family, or any other traceable information about yourself before getting to know the person first.
  • Never give anyone your bank or card information and never disclose your social security or other important personal identifications. This prevents identity theft.
  • Always meet in a public place when meeting in-person for the first time.
  • Contact customer service if you feel that something is wrong.
  • Always go with your gut feeling.
  • Avoid individuals who show affection rather quickly, give excuses for not being able to meet, attempts to move the conversation to another platform in the early stages, and are not familiar with places near their said location.

 According to the privacy policy, also agrees not to sell your information to a third party, further securing your safety.


 Although most of the features cannot be accessed without a paid membership, CatholicMatch is rather affordable compared to similar niche platforms. Here is a breakdown of pricing on CatholicMatch:

 Free Services:

  • Sending ‘Emotigrams’
  • Searching and viewing profiles
  • Visitor notifications
  • Photo gallery uploading
  • Profile customization

 Paid Services:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Prioritized customer support
  • Access to community chatroom and discussion forums
  • 6-month matchmaking guarantee

 Pricing For Paid Membership:


premium membership



per month


premium membership



per month

One important point to note is that the only payment option for paid membership is through credit card, and this may be a deterrent for those without one. 

 These payments are auto-renewed and can be refunded if the paid features have not been used. If you cannot find a match within 6 months of paid membership, CatholicMatch will allow you to use the paid features for another 6 months for free. 

 If you wish to cancel your membership with CatholicMatch, you can simply turn off auto-renew for future subscriptions. However, you cannot cancel your current subscription period. After your current subscription expires, you will be downgraded to a free account without the benefits of paid membership.

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Customer Service

 As I mentioned in the prior section, the support requests of paid users are prioritized over those of free accounts. However, all other requests are reviewed in a timely manner.

 CatholicMatch has strict guidelines for behavior that must be adhered to in discussion forums and chatrooms. In the case that anyone exhibits suspicious activity, the account in question will be investigated and removed if not compliant with the guidelines. 

 If you need to request support, you may do so by sending an email to customer service or visiting the support forum. CatholicMatch is also active on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube if additional assistance is needed. 

 CatholicMatch also gives you the option to hide your profile by simply changing your profile status. There are several ways to do this based on your reason and the current time. If you wish to block an account, the process is not as simple as other platforms. You must personally contact customer support and include information about the account in question including name, profile ID, and your reason.

Pros And Cons

 Is CatholicMatch worth your time and money? Here are a few short points to help you decide:


  • Matchmaking guarantee
  • Chatrooms and forums
  • Interview questions feature
  • Temperament quiz
  • Mobile version available
  • Affordable pricing
  • Thousands of daily active users
  • 50-50 ratio of males to females
  • Caters to individuals of Catholic faith


  • No smartphone app
  • Website design lacks originality
  • Customer service may take longer to review your requests due to high volume of members
  • Complicated blocking
  • Can only pay by credit card
  • Small population from non-major cities

The Bottom Line

 The most important feeling you receive while being a member of CatholicMatch is a sense of community. The members, all sharing similar belief systems, are extremely open and welcoming. While you may not find your soulmate immediately, you are bound to make a few valuable friends along the way.

 What CatholicMatch lacks in terms of a matchmaking algorithm, it makes up for with its unique features such as interview questions and the temperament test. It is important that you enjoy your experience on the platform, and from polls to blogs, and even chatrooms, there is something for everyone. 

 CatholicMatch offers an experience that cannot be obtained from any other Catholic dating platform, and there are millions of Catholic singles on the platform just waiting to make your acquaintance. 

FAQS And General Questions

What is CatholicMatch?

 CatholicMatch is a niche dating website specialized in connecting individuals of the Catholic faith worldwide. It can be used to find your perfect significant other, or even a few lifelong friends.

Who owns CatholicMatch?

 CatholicMatch was created in 1999 by Jason LaFosse, Brian Barcaro, and Milke Lloyd.

Is CatholicMatch legit?

 Yes, CatholicMatch is completely legitimate. It has amassed thousands of successful love stories across the globe.

Is CatholicMatch safe?

 CatholicMatch is monitored 24/7 by security to detect and investigate accounts exhibiting suspicious activity. These accounts are then removed if not compliant with guidelines.

Where can I read CatholicMatch success stories?

 These stories can be viewed by a simple search engine look-up or by going directly to this website: Reading personal reviews is often a great way to gain insight as to how the platform works.

Does CatholicMatch have a forum?

 Yes, CatholicMatch has chatrooms, blogs, polls, and discussion forums. The forums cover a variety of topics and have daily posts.

Is there an app for CatholicMatch?

 Unfortunately, there is not a mobile app for CatholicMatch as yet. However, the creators have designed a mobile version of the website that is compatible with smartphones and other devices.

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A good option for Catholic singles who are serious about their faith

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